Day on the Terrace 2018

                                      Hazel’s Heavenly Legacy





By Megan McKinney


Day on the Terrace co-chairs Yvette Cusack, Jean Antoniou and Sharyl Mackey with Service Club president Tracey DiBuono.


No one was ever able to determine how Day on the Terrace creator Hazel Barr knew, months in advance, which would be the  hottest day of late July/early August on the Peninsula Terrace, but she did.  After a time she moved her marvelous  production into the Ballroom; weather no longer mattered and the show continued to be superb.   However, those “terrace” days were perilous years for Hazel and her wool and fur swathed mannequins


Ninety degrees plus in the shade on the Peninsula Hotel Terrace with Hazel modeling a mammoth fur coat tossed over her heavy tweed trouser suit. But she looked great!


The tradition Hazel began decades ago as Day in the Country has continued  under a slight misnomer but in much greater comfort. This year, with the subtitle Nouvelle Saison  added and the afternoon dedicated to Hazel’s memory, Day on the Terrace attracted 350 Service Club of Chicago members and their guests–producing a whopping $135,000 on behalf of Service Club programs. Cocktails in the Ballroom Foyer preceded  the  Ballroom’s fast-paced fashion show and leisurely luncheon.


Mamie Walton and Cheri Lawrence.

Myra Reilly and Bobbi Panter.

Stanley Paul and Cookie Cohen.

Linda Heister and Brian White.

Nina Mariano, Kristina McGrath and Korinna Isselhardt.

Rochelle Trotter, Darby Hills and Frances Renk.

Laura Schwartz, Judy Schwartz and  Andrea Schwartz.

Sheryl Dyer and Candace Jordan.

John Reilly and Sherrill Bodine.

Kimberly Gleeson and Wendy Krimins.

Annette Finding and Felicia Winieki.

Heather Jane Johnston, Paula Borg and Courtney Pitt.

And, before we move into the Ballroom and the fashion show, Michael Kutza and Dori Wilson.

Sylvia Muller modeling Eileen Fisher.

Irika Sargent of CBS 2 in alice + olivia.

Jamie Thorsen in Elda de la Rosa Couture.

The Wizard of Oz behind all great Peninsula events,  Director of Catering Greg Hyder, in Cram Fashion.

Lynda Silverman in L.K. Bennett.

Karen Peters modeling Max Mara at Bloomingdale’s.

CBS 2’s Rob Johnson in Tom James.


Eileen Howard-Weinberg in Maximilian Furs at Bloomingdale’s.

Denise Tomasello for Maximilian Furs at Bloomingdale’s.

Tina Weller modeling VMR Chicago.

Robin Robinson in Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue.

Evans Scholar with Sherry Lea Holson in Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue.

Photo Credit:

John Reilly Photography

Author Photo:

Robert F. Carl