Color Heaven







By Michelle Crowe



Carolyne Roehm wears a violet dress in an image from Hello! Magazine.


Easter is a favorite fashion holiday for good reason. It’s an excuse to toss aside the tasteful neutrals that those who appreciate classics gravitate toward in favor of colors that echo the eggs the beautifully dressed children are searching for so adorably.

This year the color palette lends itself to this day of indulgence. Hopefully something gorgeous in one of these hues make it into all the good bunny baskets.


A vintage bunny egg postcard.



Just the prettiest color, this one can be tricky to wear near the face. For some reason it washes many of us out leaving us looking sickly or tired. Find just the right shade to flatter and feel fabulous in the timeless shade having a trendy moment.


Michael Kors Spring 2018.


Ultra Violet

Lavender’s show off cousin, this color of the year is fun for a statement dress or accessory. Lupita Nyong’o stepped out on a recent press tour in a violet Michael Kors dress topped with a lavender double-faced wool coat. It was an awfully winning combination on her.


Elie Saab Spring 2018.



With the best of blue and green, it’s easy to love teal shades. Calling to mind the best of sky, water and greenery, this is easy to wear and sure to garner compliments.


Baby Blue

Pale blue is a winner and one of those colors that those who aren’t comfortable in color like to wear. It’s perfect for the navy blue fan looking to freshen up for spring. Baby blue always plays well with others.


Carolina Herrera Spring 2018



Nothing beats yellow for sheer sunshine power—it’s the most cheerful stop on the color wheel. It might be considered only for the brave, but why not give it a try?


Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods showing us on Easter contrasted with us on most days.