Collar Craze



By Michelle Crowe




Tennis players of the past loved polo shirts as much as today’s style setters


The polo shirt, a quintessential preppy staple, embodies a blend of conservative style and sporty luxury. Originally donned by male polo players in 19th-century India before making its way to Great Britain in the 1920s. While traditionally associated with tennis and sporting events, the polo shirt has transcended its origins, becoming an emblem of effortless American style with a hint of country club sophistication. Always great on the tennis court or golf links, sporty classic polo and rugby shirts are having a high fashion cultural moment.


Miu Miu is rooted in wonderfully wearable reality this season


At the heart of the revival is Miuccia Prada  at Miu Miu. As usual, this genius sets the scene and the chicest among us place preorders. The easy fit and endless wearability of each polo shirt allows for both Miu Miu twist and abundant styling options. An understated knot polo is the perfect complement to a statement skirt, another key spring 2024 item. Each runway look reflects Prada’s unique ability to push boundaries while maintaining a sense of elegance and refinement.


A Gucci men’s polo, also fab for women


Beloved designer Dries Van Noten is retiring, which is sad. Snap up every last rugby shirt as wearable mementos. Known for his mastery of color, pattern, and texture, Van Noten always plays with blending unexpected combinations to create pieces that are both visually arresting and familiar. Here that manifests as boldly striped rugby shirts worn under oversized blue blazers.


Stella McCartney’s highly coveted rugby dress in black


Stella McCartney went long with a rugby dress, and don’t sleep on some fantastic versions at Gucci, which are already in demand. The high contrast striped collar and cuffs call to mind tennis matches from last century’s roaring twenties. As we gear up for a summer of pickleball and the anticipation of the Paris Olympics, it feels right to lean into the sporting life, whether one is on the field or in the cheering section.