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Announcing Classic Chicago DateBook 2023

We are happy to announce DateBook 2023, where readers can explore upcoming philanthropic, cultural and social events. The Datebook will be regularly updated with new events, and can be found at the top of the site’s home page. Below is a format in which you can send information about your event to spread the word, at no cost. Your events can be sent to judycbross@aol.com or to aedelfosse1@gmail.com. Feel free to reach out with any changes or updates to an event as well. We look forward to learning of all the exciting events scheduled to take place this year!
Format for Event Submissions:
Calendar Date, Day of Week, Clock Time
Sponsoring Organization
Name of Event
Event Details/Schedule of Event Components (add event chairs if you would like)
Location of Event
Contact Telephone, Email, and/or Website

–Annie Delfosse

DateBook Editor


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