Chicago Thrifting



Looking for a specific bomber jacket with a number 11 stitched onto it? Or maybe an antique porcelain doll that seems creepy by today’s standards but reminds you of the dolls that your parents brought you as a kid and never let you play with because of how fragile it was.


My answer for you: Go to a thrift shop and search around. Typically compared to indoor garage sales, they are spread out all through the different areas of Chicago.


Here are a couple of cool ones that may jog your childhood memories:

Hollywood Mirror, 812 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL

Beautifully decorated for its environment and the St. Pats Holiday, this store specializes in jogging up your memory in a fun way. With old vintage toys, porcelain dolls and a mechanics shirt with the name of “Michael” stitched into it, you can redesign your whole look.

Ragstock, 812 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL

Kind of hidden, on the side of Hollywood Mirror and on the second floor, this shop offers a more of vintage modern look. Looking for a Hawaiian shirt or a shirt with a custom design you may not see anywhere else? This is the place to go to.

The Brown Elephant Lakeview, 3020 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL

A nice sunlit thrift shop with not only clothes on sale, but also furniture. If you are looking for household items to decorate your house (cups, bookcases, saucers, etc.), this is the place for you.

New Elephant Resale Shop of Chicago, NFP, 2325 N Clark St, Chicago, IL

A nice, peaceful shop with a clutter of antiques that reminded me of how times were before I was born. If you find it, you can have it!

Crossroads Trading CO., 2711 N Clark St, Chicago, IL

More like a depot on the inside. You will find articles of clothing here that are nicely arranged by sizes (smallest to biggest) with fitting rooms at the ready!