Bookfield Zoo Whirl of Fortune


2018 Brookfield Zoo Whirl Chair Elisa Templeton and Chicago Zoological Society Board Chairman John Grube.





 By Megan McKinney


It was a great night for gambling at the Brookfield Zoo, with after-dinner blackjack, roulette, craps and Texas hold ’em poker. Sponsored by the Women’s Board and the Board of Trustees of the Chicago Zoological Society, the occasion was the 37th annual Whirl, this year subtitled Whirl of Fortune.

Whirl 2018 Chair was Chicago Zoological Society Women’s Board member Elisa Templeton. John Grube is Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Sasha Gerritson is Women’s Board President.

After an extended opportunity to meet resident animals and view the enviable automobile supplied by Aston Martin of Glenview during cocktail hour, guests moved into the Grand Tent decorated by the Flower Firm. It was then a three-course dinner catered by Food for Thought, followed by dancing to the music of Maggie Speaks and the much-anticipated gambling portion of the evening. All of this pleasant activity produced a hearty gross of more than $1.3 million for the animals.


Romana Malinowski and Melissa Canning with Chicago Zoological Society Women’s Board President Sasha Gerritson, right.


John Grube, Arnold Randall and Dr. Stuart Strahl.


Joe Ahern, Ally Ahern and Chicago Zoological Society Women’s Board member Susan Ahern.


Doris Christopher, Kelley Schueler and Julie Christopher.


Jonathan and Courtney Templeton with Elisa and John Templeton.


Diane Dygert and Robert Conrardy.


Eddie and Sarah Opler.


Connie Keller, left, with Philip and Jenny Templeton.


Michael and Romana Malinowski.


Leslie and John Roberts.


Jeff and Molly Keller.


Chicago Zoological Society Chief Operating Officer Rich Gamble with Melissa Gamble, left.


Jennifer and Arnold Randall.


Annie Ozinga and Chicago Zoological Society President and CEO Dr. Stuart Strahl.


Kathy and Kyle Hartman.


Carol Berger, Duke Ferguson and Andrea Redmond Ferguson.


Shawn Hilton, Chicago Zoological Society Vice Chair Betsy Bramsen and Jim Bramsen.


PJ and Abby Huizenga.


Emmy and Bob King with Ann and John Grube.


Photo Credit: Jim Schulz, Kelly Tone

Author Photo: Robert F. Carl