BEACHSIDE: A Stylish Read

By Judy Carmack Bross


Hadley Keller Signs her new book Beachside

Guests talking at party


House Beautiful’s Digital Design Director Hadley Keller  appeared at SPACE 519 and The Lunchroom recently to sign her new book, BEACHSIDE Windsor Architecture & Design. BEACHSIDE documents the stylish costal life at the planned community of Windsor, on a barrier island in Vero Beach, Florida. This sublimely landscaped village, planned by the renowned New Urbanists Andrés Duany and Elizabeth Plater‑Zyberk, boasts houses by A‑list architects and top interior designers, including John Stefanidis, Steven Gambrel, and Chicago’s Alessandra Branca.


Hadley Keller with Party Hosts Lance Lawson and Jim Wetzel, owners of SPACE 519 and The Lunchroom

Sophie Bross, Michelle Buzby, Haley Pearson, Heather Talbert

Lucia Steinwold, McKenzie Mullins, Caroline Dolan and Olivia Merlin

Hosts Jim Wetzel and Lance Lawson, owners of SPACE 519 and The Lunchroom

Studio Gild designers Megan Yee and Hillary Johnson

Sri Sullivan, Clea Costa Van Voorhis, Kate Ferraro

Designer Haley Pearson of JP Interiors

Kimberly Burt and Jenny Brown

Debbie Wedren and Chrissy Davis

Suzette Bulley and Michael Noonan

Hadley Keller and Alexandra Kaehler

Heather Talbert and Magda Rodriguez

Heather Talbert and Melissa Mahoney

Genevieve Dolan and McKenzie Mullins

Beth Hughes and Whitley Bouma Herbert


Over 80 guests attended the party hosted by SPACE 519 and The Lunchroom’s Lance Lawson and Jim Wetzel who debuted SPACE 519’s newly expanded home decor department dubbed SPACE 519 Maison. Several high-profile designers were in attendance including Kara Mann, Alexandra Kaehler and Joan Craig. SPACE 519 also happens to house one of the city’s largest assortments of chic coffee table books, making it the perfect home for BEACHSIDE.


Annie Barlow, Whitley Bouma Herbert, Kimberly Burt

Haley and Karen Pearson

Molly Gron, Elise Maltby, Ashley Galloway

Rachel De Marte, Sri Sullivan and Sophie Bross

Hadley Keller speaks with designer Joy Williams

Karen McEniry, Suzette Bulley and Michael Noonan

Lucia Steinwold, McKenzie Mullins, Genevieve Dolan

Kimberly Burt, Claire York

Patty and Frances Dolan

Erin Shakoor

Sri Sullivan