Back to School






By Michelle Crowe


Audrey Hepburn in a still from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Do we ever outgrow the thrill of a fresh notebook or sharp pencil as summer transitions into fall? Likely not, especially as the official school-issued list is a thing of the past and we’re free to choose Smythson notebooks instead of black and white composition books and bespoke stationery rather than lined loose leaf paper.


Smythson Datebook.


The crisp mornings infuse every day with a fresh can-do spirit and the whole world feels new. Even more so than January 1, this is the time to set goals, to savor the familiar and to revisit favorite fall rituals.

That includes the September issues of all our favorite magazines to see how the editors have put it all together and perusing the ads for the season’s must-haves. We may not cut out our favorites and decoupage a Trapper Keeper with the images anymore, but the urge still hits now and then.


Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.


Boards and committees are back in the swing of things, planning to raise money and put it to work for the good of our phenomenal city. The marathoners are entering their last few weeks of training, inspiring all of us with their dedication and effort.


A Brooks Brothers shirt photographed for Vogue is a perfect example of Seven Sisters style.


As always. There’s a rhythm to what we want to wear. September is the moment to indulge a love of the classics. Crisp button-up shirts, beautiful simple sweaters, flattering skirts, walkable loafers and lovely bags are the items to put on heavy rotation. Seven Sisters style, as captured in the 2017 book of the same name feels forever appealing and spot on for the classically inclined. Your closet is likely stocked with this exact list of chic staples. But like that list of school supplies, it’s always fun to find a new version of an old favorite. Thank goodness for the reset button of fall when the apples are just picked, skin is still sun-kissed and absolutely anything is possible. Crack a fresh notebook and enjoy!


Molly Ringwald as Claire Standish in The Breakfast Club.