Astrologer’s Almanac September 5-11, 2021~Brainstorms, humor, and creative productivity are encouraging




By Victoria Martin     

Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead                                        

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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

 September 5-11, 2021

Highlights Early September 

September 4-8 FORECAST An opportune time to get a sense of direction especially with how to pair virtue with achievement. ADVICE Increase performance skills and serve others best interests—as well as your own– simultaneously! !

New Moon Phase 

                                              Sunday, September 5                                                                    

  2nd of 5 days FORECAST Here’s a good time to determine proper directives for the next two weeks. Technology and science are helpers to get ideas, set goals, and build foundations. ADVICE Create an attractive branding and spread the good word. Fortify the physical and psychological well-being of yourself and those in your circle.

New Moon Phase

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Setting up playful or experimental conditions could be useful. Tolerance and forgiveness impart freedom. ADVICE Brainstorms, humor, and creative productivity are encouraging. Generous offers and kindness are pluses if within reason.

Moon Opposition Jupiter

All Day FORECAST Cultural significance and historic treasures may need refitting. ADVICE Augment position to reflect 21st-century mindset. Accommodate the overarching political or financial agenda.

Venus Square Pluto

Monday, September 6

All Day FORECAST Ceremonies with universal appeal, tribal meaning, or natural restorative elements are highlighted now. ADVICE The best ones will resonate with political agendas, financial goals, or healing ambitions. Good energy is everything.

Mars trine Pluto            

All Day FORECAST Culture, science, and history gems work well as rallying paradigms and focal points. ADVICE Use mutual interests as a group magnet. Themes, games production-based events tap into harmony and bring creative success.

Venus trine Jupiter

3rd of 5 days FORECAST This is a very intense day when introverts imagine a more extroverted future. ADVICE To the rescue come special esoteric tools, experts’ directives, and performance tips. Encourage talent development– and use a bit of mystique– but keep your feet on the ground.

New Moon Phase

Morning FORECAST Help from friends brings new success in tech, communications, and media. Encouraging words and similar missions get everyone in the flow. ADVICE Mania is worth utilizing for an inventive whirlwind.  Yet in the harvest, it’s smart to be realistic… use what works.

Moon trine Uranus

All Day FORECAST Leaders and artists are visionaries ready to stimulate progress. ADVICE Be sure to include service guidelines and productivity incentives.

Sun trine Uranus

                                               Tuesday, September 7                                                              

4th of 5 days FORECAST Some new projects show promise and plans percolate with a life of their own. A big, meaningful harvest is anticipated for the Equinox full moon. ADVICE The truly good sense of direction includes soul-saving. Helping others to help themselves is a good deed.

New Moon Phase

Morning FORECAST The complexity and entanglement of emerging societies and mechanics is overwhelming. The test for us is not easy but doable with help from instinct and/or intuition. ADVICE The downfall is delusions of grandeur or wishful thinking! Rather try humility, prayer, and meditation. Ultimately it may be best to go with your gut feeling.

Moon Opposition Neptune

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Augments that fit the plan of finance trends or power tides are the way to go. ADVICE The winning way includes ongoing probability estimates to help projects stay on target.

Moon trine Pluto

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Here’s a bias towards pioneering or military action. At the very basic the use of physical strength is needed. ADVICE Actual material elements and tools are assets, so be ready and handy with them.

Moon Conjunct Mars 

                                                  Wednesday, September 8                                                        

5th of 5 days FORECAST Everybody is in a hurry to take his or her place and demand attention. Some competition occurs and new leaders stake claims. ADVICE The high-performance options may be dissipating as opinions, demands, and agendas rush in. However, we can educate ourselves and in some way bring progress.

New Moon Phase

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST There’s help from tradition in terms of good examples. Formulae from your own previous experiences are valid too. You can borrow from yourself or—with permission– tap into someone else’s success model. ADVICE Be respectful of proprietary methods, images, and flavors. Make sure you are complying with trademark and copyright regulations. Also, get in the swing and spirit of wonderworking.

Moon trine Saturn

Evening- Night FORECAST Time to preach clever, witty slogans and proverbs. Engineering feats are expected so an alert mind is desired. ADVICE Distractions are many so do try to keep in focus.  Use all communication tools, materials, and skills available

Moon  Conjunct Mercury

Thursday, September 9 

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Here’s a time for high culture, super science, and vetted productions. However, they will undergo evolution or metamorphosis. This is in order to fit 21st-century styles, specs, and morals. ADVICE The impulse to gather in special interest groups gets a whole new flavor; it is a mission. Take note of what is smart and hip, yet shun that which is pretentious or snarky.

Moon Square Pluto

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Cultural treasures/archives are reiterated, relearned, and reprised in science/tech mode. This makes a hit and brings luck, education, or travel. ADVICE Happiness is a big plus so spread good news and opportunities. Research done in advance yields clues as to what brings joy to associates; you can use that.

Moon trine Jupiter

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST The new standard or precedent for business is to offer themes of beauty, love, and harmony. Clients and consumers will respond favorably. ADVICE Other traits encouraged are: be modest, generous, and even-tempered. Hybrid outreach could be multi-sensory and media-varied.  Appeal to many levels: mind, body, and spirit.

Moon  Conjunct Venus Beautiful sight westward right at sunset is the crescent moon and Venus.

Friday, September 10

Afternoon FORECAST A fusion of popularity and wisdom is impressive to VIPs, critics, and other decision-makers. Judgment points like altruism and healing are appreciated. ADVICE Use brain exercises before a presentation and do a physical warm-up too. ADVICE Wear a hat or emphasize your face and head somehow.

Moon Square Saturn

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Surprise developments, unlikely alliances, and sparkling innovations get attention. There are omens and signs! ADVICE Use test marketing results, legal guides, and/or commercial leads. Attend to the faults and fix them ASAP.

Moon Opposition Uranus

Saturday, September 11

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Traditional cures/remedies and new nutrition are applied via science and intuition. ADVICE Use a broad range of experience, knowledge, and intellectual scope. Draw from a vast, wide, and deep perspective without drowning in it.

Moon trine Neptune

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Ideas about unique pathways are enhanced by juggling. It is possible to mix and match till you get it right. ADVICE Gather with fortunate, progressive, happy people even if you have to go out of your way to meet with them.

Moon Square Jupiter

Highlights mid-September- October- early November 

September 18-22 FORECAST It is a big turning point dawning; winners are selected for important leadership roles in family, community, and beyond. ADVICE Do your best. Be a good sport and use special talents to make a soulful impression.

Full Moon Phase Near Autumnal Equinox

October 4-8 FORECAST The race starts off with a bang!  Lots of action, interest in survival tactics, many clever stories, and lively distractions pepper this new moon phase. ADVICE Choose wisely, get physical education, use engineering skills and invent tools. New Moon Phase conjunct Mars

Highlights mid-October 

October 18-22 FORECAST Juxtaposition of radically different ideas is fascinating. A dialog between high-contrast groups is dramatic even if done carefully. ADVICE It is difficult to please all demands from political and financial factions yet it is worth a try!

Full Moon Phase  square Pluto

November 2-6 FORECAST Taking science and miscellaneous innovations to the next step resonates with current missions. ADVICE Commercial and legal considerations come as the plan or invention coalesces!

New Moon phase in the Scales Constellation  opposite Uranus

By Victoria Martin

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