Astrologer’s Almanac October 3-9 2021~ Use lucky methods to build strength and legitimacy






Victoria Martin

Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead  


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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

 September 26-October 2, 2021

Highlights Early October

September 27- October 18 forecast All considerations are betting on culture and science as catalysts for productivity. A marathon mode is an incentive to include as much as possible. ADVICE Survival, clever wit, and engineering are helpers. The prime focus is to go all the way to the finish line in spite of distractions.

Mercury Retrograde 

October 4-8 FORECAST The race starts off with a bang!  Lots of action, interest in survival tactics, many clever stories, and lively distractions pepper this new moon phase. ADVICE Choose wisely, get physical education, use engineering skills and invent tools.

New Moon Phase conjunct Mars

Sunday, October 3

All day FORECAST Cultural riches and scientific information provide good Basic material. Borrow guidance from the past and/or use your own good ideas recycled. ADVICE Use lucky methods to build strength and legitimacy for the ongoing marathon till October 18 .

Mercury retrograde trine Jupiter retrograde

Monday, October 4

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST A sense of direction is handy especially during an information deluge. Prized elements are novelty, improvisation, and science technology. ADVICE Be creative, and experiment yet be contrarian or outsider oriented.

Moon trine planet Uranus retrogrades

First of five days FORECAST Onto a new start! This one is supported by tradition and authority figures so it does not go against the grain. Moods alternate between quiet and energetic… even a bit aggressive. ADVICE Best bet is to be super healthy, athletic, and competitive. Cooperate as much as possible. A clever twinkle in the eye is just the right demeanor.

New moon phase 

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Here is an invitation to balance between use of earthy elements and solid symbols versus mystique and dreamy modes. ADVICE Be aware of the potency of nature! Use only what you can control, surf, or maneuver around. Also provide an explanation of your calling in a mission statement. Moon Opposed Neptune retrograde

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST When prepping for the new cycle it’s smart to estimate support and perform acts of goodwill towards influential people. These measures help make the most of mutual support. ADVICE It is a quid pro quo situation… often a good idea but especially now. Make a list of whom you could help and vice versa. Focus on accessible people, groups, and organizations. Moon trine Pluto retrograde

Tuesday, October 5

Second of five days FORECAST There’s more anticipation and set ups tinged with a bit of anxiety. We are all cooking up schemes for the next cycle. ADVICE Make sure you have physical strength and bodily functions working on your side. New moon phase 

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Here is a sense of how to use the established methods and formats. ADVICE Try to please VIPs! Work smart, praise and appreciate all that elders, authorities and administrators do. Moon trine Saturn retrograde

Wednesday, October 6

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST This time frame is likely to emanate very high energy. Entrepreneurial ability, martial power, and or muscle is shown. Pushing that raw strength is timely. ADVICE Summon courage but avoid fighting, walk away from trouble, and don’t take conflicts personally. Moon Conjunct Mars

1:30 PM CDT FORECAST Here’s a very intense mood and focus on potent topics like power, money, and sex. What is typically hidden it is visible for all to see. ADVICE This is a time of obsessive-compulsive disorder, passion, and persuasion. Best to keep your head above water. Pluto stations returns to direct motion

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Here are clear messages regarding what is on the minds of many people. The zeitgeist seen and heard could be truly informative for marketing, advertising, or gathering support. ADVICE You’ll get a sense of the right language, salient topics, or concepts that will help hit the target. Moon conjunct mercury retrograde

 Third of five days FORECAST Remote viewing—aka a sequence of prototypes aka ‘what if’ scenarios show the path to best results. ADVICE It’s possible to identify the formulae that will have the greatest effectiveness and ultimately bring success for all concerned. New moon phase 

 Night FORECAST Cultural and scientific resources are offered. ADVICE Package, re-fit and position these sets of knowledge and prescriptions. This can catalyze luck and lubricate progress. Moon trine Jupiter retrograde

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST The assignment might be: check culture and science lessons and apply flexibility. ADVICE This augment will bring what is effective as well as sophisticated. Moon square Pluto

Thursday, October 7

Evening- Night FORECAST Special distinctive thinking and custom strategies assist outreach. These are likely to be analyzed by experts and VIPs. ADVICE Take criticism or rejection in stride and make upgrades. Remain poised, then vent anxiety ––possibly through laughter––when you’re off the record. Moon square Saturn retrograde 

Fourth of five days FORECAST Startups, and other new options are in the wind. ADVICE A successful undertaking calls for courage and physical strength. Ask a veteran achiever for anecdotes and/or guidance. New moon phase 

First of three days FORECAST Great options invoke strength building, military fortifications, in general defense improvements. ADVICE Pioneer missions will benefit from strategy, strong willpower, and self-reliance tactics. Sun Conjunct Mars 

Friday, October 8

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Looking The search is on for special interest groups, inventors, and good technology. The focus is in terms of commercial potential and legal implications. ADVICE There are likely to be signs, omens and indications that stand out as guideposts. Odd things could happen but it’s all part of the scene. Moon opposed Uranus retrograde

Evening- Night FORECAST Shamanic like sense provides insights for what will be effective. It is felt in your bones, seen in your mind’s eye, or resonates with your soul. . ADVICE Use these instinctive, magical tactics to assist in planning the weeks to come. Moon trine Neptune retrograde

Fifth of five days FORECAST Brainstorming regarding various strategies is an option and a good way to spend precious time. The new moon phase is an influential episode and educational via opinion surveys or information gathering. ADVICE A way to describe conditions: a fertile ground ready for planting now. Planning is especially favored in the next week but after that, options narrow, schedules firm up and minds close a bit. New moon phase 

Second of three days FORECAST Application of talent, self-discipline, and faith in abilities is enhanced. ADVICE Use strategy mindful of your mission. Adhere to survival instincts. Sun Conjunct Mars 

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST An individualistic path or unique destiny it is often admirable but so is sincerity. ADVICE The important factor now may be what will make a hit within the framework of opportunity, luck, and happiness. Moon Square Jupiter retrograde

Saturday, October 9

Third of three days FORECAST Cunning, clever, and sustainable would be the best plan for various strength building techniques. Enrichment of physical and mental resilience is ideal. ADVICE This is a good time for men to rally around points of achievement. The confidence factor is high. Sun Conjunct Mars 

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST This is halfway through the Mercury retrograde marathon till October 18. The forerunners are those capable of fast thinking. Communication skills, marathon stamina and juggling projects are featured in this timeframe. ADVICE A knack for improvisation and engineering are other talents to add on ASAP. Mercury retrograde conjunct Sun

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Destined relationships—or seemingly fated connections– are in focus. ADVICE Reflect on teams and accentuate a spirit of the greatest effectiveness potential. Much else to do with locating the mission in common. Moon Conjunct Venus 

All day FORECAST Marathons emerge strongly. They test brain power and communication skills. ADVICE Select exercises that are known to really assist creative and clear thinking. Embrace effectiveness  and cognition via good interpersonal habits. Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars

All day FORECAST The rapid-fire sequences are often a flash from the past. This could manifest as recouped love, money, or arts development. ADVICE Use the feedback or reactions gleaned from output. This is a very karmic episode. But it’s mostly good karma! Planet Venus conjunct south moon’s node  aka karma

Highlights late October – December

October 18-22 FORECAST Juxtaposition of radically different ideas is fascinating. A dialog between high-contrast groups is dramatic even if done carefully. It is difficult to please all demands from political and financial factions yet it is worth a try!

Full Moon Phase  square Pluto

November 2-6 FORECAST Taking science and miscellaneous innovations to the next step resonates with current missions. ADVICE Commercial and legal considerations come as the plan or invention coalesces! New Moon phase in the Scales Constellation  opposite Uranus

November 16-18 FORECAST Wild excitement, mania and synchronicity are just the beginning of the amazing stories evolving. ADVICE A balance between acts of genius and what is legal and commercially viable. Mars Opposed Uranus

November 17-21 FORECAST Drama tempered by humility seems rampant. A multitude of tragedies, sob stories and complaints include serious ones. ADVICE Refer extreme cases to specialists, but other tragedies may be benign and the catalyst for creating great art, music or drama. Full Moon phase  Star ‘Al Ghoul’ Lunar Eclipse  November 19 

December 2-6 FORECAST Inner turmoil gives way to amazing solutions. Demonstrate sincerity and encourage virtuous thoughts, words, and deeds. New Moon Phase in Ophiuchus –the magician and healer—Solar Eclipse   Dec 4                                              

December 11-27 FORECAST Moods support passion for 21st century culture and a lust for power. Expect romantic infatuations and potent seductive inclinations. ADVICE Everyone wants to make money and be hip yet hype can be a fake lead.  Aphrodisiacs are in the air, but it is best to be home by midnight. Venus stationary conjunct Pluto

December 17-21 FORECAST A giant hug or fortunate offer may be questioned by the super sensitive personality types. ADVICE Luck is on the way and to welcome it we can all put aside hurt feelings. However ample troubleshooting is good and indulgence is counterproductive Full Moon Phase near winter solstice