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Victoria Martin

Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead  


A Fairest of flying creatures, the charming butterfly inspired this diamond set hairclip. Unique piece, part of the @chopard Red Carpet collection 2021.

Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

 October 17-23, 2021

Highlights mid-late October 

October 18-22 FORECAST Juxtaposition of radically different ideas is fascinating. A dialog between high-contrast groups is dramatic even if done carefully. It is difficult to please all demands from political and financial factions yet it is worth a try!

Full Moon Phase  square Pluto

Sunday, October 17

All Day FORECAST Interpersonal politics are discounted, yet favor exchanges or savvy tradeoffs may play a major role in success. ADVICE A noble aim for meritocracy sadly goes through adaptation or purging. Keep your eye on the target, but keep high standards.

Sun Square Pluto

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST There is a devotion to mysticism and transcendent experiences. This makes life resemble a dream, fairytale, or opera pageant. ADVICE Do stay clear and be sober. Use intuition, gut feeling and/or remote view of the future.

Moon conjunct Neptune

Monday, October 18

12:30 AM CDT FORECAST Here’s a time for a focus on happiness and good fortune. ADVICE It is time to follow cues and grab good options for your own self. Or pass them onto deserving friends and associates.

Jupiter stationary

10:15 AM CDT FORECAST Actions and insights about academia, childbirth, and charm are the most welcome enrichments. ADVICE Do reset and stabilize communications.

Mercury stationery

First of five days FORECAST We are likely to initially work outside the system in order to join together contrasting views and skills seems like a plan. Puppetry behind the scenes is okay now. ADVICE However, this show on the road eventually gets refashioned according to 21st-century specs, aesthetics or sophistication standards.

Full Moon  Phase

All day FORECAST Cultural riches and science resources are primed and ready to use for luck and enhanced joy. ADVICE Single out what is the most worthwhile or valuable to you.

Mars trine Jupiter

Night – Wee Hours FORECAST Constant monitoring on principles of work, relations, and health are optimum positions now. ADVICE Conversations are a huge help in the process of needed or advantageous updates.

Moon Opposed Mercury

Tuesday, October 19

Second of five days FORECAST There’s great excitement regarding unusual combinations. Momentum is building. ADVICE Not all operative politics, finance, nor psychology factors are lined up with the current trajectory. You can figure that some adjustments will be necessary in the near future.

Full Moon  Phase 

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Multi-talents are put to use. Special visions and a shamanic or individual approach will upload nicely. ADVICE These exotic elements add intrigue and effectiveness. Moon Trine Venus

Night – Wee Hours FORECAST There are thoughts on what will digest, work in the lab, or emulate nature’s potent forms. ADVICE There is a wealth of plans, paradigms, or remedial enrichments available.

Moon Opposed Mars

Wednesday, October 20

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Seems time for a showdown or review. Specifically a highlight on what needs revision and updates. ADVICE Be ready to do some shedding of the old skin. Adapt to fit in the times and situations: that is smart and fully functional.

Moon Square Pluto

Third of five days FORECAST This is a big emotional time due to novel experiences, unique combinations, and juxtapositions. ADVICE Surprise results happen from catalysts, improvisation, and experiments.

Full Moon  Phase

Thursday, October 21

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST A judgment call or test point could yield miraculous assessments. ADVICE Ask an expert, pay respect to elders, and obey administrators. Acquiesce to rules and limits. Keep up with the schedule.

Moon Square Saturn

Fourth of five days FORECAST Many are called and have the courage to make a statement. Yet the key is: have the flexibility to rework it. ADVICE Take the ultimate advantageous position right now or go with the best bet. Accommodate patrons, benefactors, or associates and make their wishes come true.

Full Moon  Phase

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Here are some surprise developments! Expect to wake up or get reactions: a range from shock to humor to delight. ADVICE Think outside the box and go for novelty. Science and technology best be in the mix as well as friendship.

Moon conjunct Uranus

All day FORECAST Here’s a call out for superhuman willpower, strength, and flexibility. That mind and muscle makes success possible. ADVICE Study science and culture for clues, then be ready to scramble. We all have to fit 21st-century code, expectations, and savvy standards.

Mars Square Pluto

Friday, October 22

The Fifth of five days FORECAST Some people feel a big a bit ragged since there are so many adjustments required recently. ADVICE It remains smart to encourage flexibility, accommodation, and adaptation traits. It is our focus on useful moves that makes the grade. The good, beautiful and true are also worthy of personal emphasis.

Full Moon  Phase

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Elite groups, inventors, and geniuses–– a bit smug with talent–– may not recognize a good opportunity when they see one! ADVICE It’s fortunate– even lucky– to flatten hubris and be humble. Those motions create more openness and a go-getter posture.

Moon Square Jupiter

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Support from successful people –or just viable role models– can make a huge positive difference. ADVICE Adopt powerful formulae and prosperity rules even if they require change/upgrades from your original position.

Moon Trine Pluto

Saturday, October 23

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Authorities, leaders, and administrators laud heroic motives and courageous deeds. ADVICE Plead your case to dignified people, accomplished groups, and elevated individuals.

Moon Trine Saturn

Highlights early-mid November 

November 2-6 FORECAST Taking science and miscellaneous innovations to the next step resonates with current missions. ADVICE Commercial and legal considerations come as the plan or invention coalesces!

New Moon phase in the Scales Constellation  opposite Uranus

November 16-18 FORECAST Wild excitement, mania, and synchronicity are just the beginning of the amazing stories evolving. ADVICE A balance between acts of genius and what is legal and commercially viable.

Mars Opposed Uranus

By Victoria Martin

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