Astrologer’s Almanac November 28-December 6~Alaghbands Magnificent 2431 Carat Colombian Emerald!

Astrologer’s Almanac November 28-December 6~Alaghbands Magnificent 2431 Carat Colombian Emerald!





Victoria Martin

Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week


The Art Of The Masters @alaghband  Alaghbands Magnificent 2431 Carat Colombian Emerald.

Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

November 28-December 6

Highlights early December 

December 2-6 FORECAST Inner turmoil gives way to amazing solutions. ADVICE Demonstrate sincerity and encourage virtuous thoughts, words, and deeds.

New Moon Phase in constellation Ophiuchus –the magician and healer—Solar Eclipse   Dec 4 

December 4 FORECAST Watch out for the war zone!  On the other hand, we all can benefit from a bit of military-type discipline. ADVICE Do consider duty and serving as firsts on the list. Physical strength is desired. The crucial motto is: ‘Toughen Up’ yet keep up a sense of humor.

More on Dec 4th  Eclipse 

Sunday, November 28

Morning FORECAST We are all testing the fabric of nature’s forms– that is organic paradigms– and analyzing for useful applications. ADVICE Make a story out of it or use names for the different functions; learn more easily that way. Finally, lessons are clarified through finding a resolution via conflicts and characters.

Moon opposed Neptune

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Rituals, ceremonies, and social functions work well enriched with nature’s glories. Then presented with dignity, code, and sophistication suitable for 21st Century ethos. ADVICE To accent the experience and create energy include the elements fire, wind, and water. Personal evolution is a key goal right now.

Moon trine Pluto 

All Day FORECAST Information and energy are available regarding strategy, business, and tactical developments. There is a military feel to events and assignments. ADVICE Drama could temporarily distract and it’s important to get back to the useful ideas, matters at hand, and/or professional groups.

Mercury conjunct Sun

1st of 3 days FORECAST Inspiration flows and participation is meaningful or manifesting easily. ADVICE Be aware that some personal habits– or shamanic practices –may warrant care/secretiveness as they are proprietary.

Mars trine Neptune

Monday, November 29

2nd of 3 days FORECAST There are support, good health, and harmony tips coming from unexpected sources. Behind-the-scenes matchmaking, negotiations, and setups are primary. ADVICE Be sure to research protocol and performance expectations and also conduct a technical rehearsal.

Mars trine Neptune

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Coping methods and survival skills are in focus. Also, charming manners and education about salient topics serve well. ADVICE Either route will bring a favorable meeting with VIPs and administrators.

Moon trine Saturn

Tuesday, November 30

3rd  of 3 days FORECAST An urge or mission to gather folks together and celebrate culture or history is irresistible.ADVICE These scenes may require initiation and or password for privileged entry purposes.

Mars trine Neptune

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST A focus on productivity via academics, culture, and/or science gets gentle guidance. A sense of what is hip and savvy or trending is important. ADVICE Immerse yourself socially with smart sophisticated people and survey the scene as depicted by public intellectuals

Moon Square Venus

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Cultural riches and/or science resources are part of a strategic or political plan emerging now. ADVICE Take advantage of good/viable offers even if they require adaptation. Express praise, encouragement, and gratitude; be super poised and stoic.

Moon square Pluto

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST It is natural and easy for special interest groups to generate enthusiasm and opportunity exchange. ADVICE Maximize interpersonal affinities or share good fortune. Get an education, and use/jump on adventure options ASAP.

Moon trine Jupiter

Wednesday, December 1

9:22 AM CST FORECAST Here is an extra keen focus on water, transcendence, and inspiration pouring forth creativity. Anesthetic, romantic, or psychic phenomenon is at the basis. ADVICE The mystic, the high-energy feeling is worth embracing: it sparks enlightenment/insights. There are special talents awakened and other blessings for those who are attuned.

Neptune is stationary returns to direct motion

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Authorities attempt to work wonders on their own terms and may discount pleasantries. ADVICE A visual presence paired with a virtuous demeanor assists outreach. A substantial body language expertise is necessary even for those who are attractive.

Moon square Saturn

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Resistance to science, or a skeptical take on futurism, may hesitate to admit bias. Holding court or saving face is a great concern. ADVICE Use signs, omens, or red flags to chart your course. Inner bells and whistles will help too. Also, experiment with the available tools and resources vis-à-vis history and track record.

Moon opposition Uranus

Thursday, December 2

1st of 5 days FORECAST Awareness of dangers or doing dares prompt strong disciplines and military-type posture. A commitment to wizardly practice– including dream interpretation– is helpful. ADVICE Focus on teaching and healing also setting up communities for small group rituals are favorable.

New moon phase

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Ways of alchemists and empathetic healers could include chance compositions, free association, or flow of consciousness. ADVICE Use the art and psychic forms of dance, improvisation, poetry, or automatic writing.

Moon trine Neptune

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Super energetic yet poised could describe the posture of leaders right now. ADVICE Get to where the action is happening, be an effective and interactive player, and assert yourself with the ultimate strength possible.

Moon conjunct Mars

Friday, December 3

2nd of 5 days FORECAST A first glance or flash impression regarding the shape of ambitious plans may be the most accurate. Agendas advancing potent and ruthless demeanors — yet magic flavored—mixed into tactics is likely. ADVICE Use what is available vis-à-vis spy on what the competition is prepping.

New moon phase

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Formidable animal instincts as well as a sharp tongue could be a turnoff for optimists and do-gooders. ADVICE Maybe tone it down a bit even if you are in a seductive or spooky mood. Everyone benefits from a well-fed sense of humor.

Moon Square Jupiter 

                                                              Saturday, December 4                                                               

Morning FORECAST A list of cures and interesting magic pointers are good conversation starters. Inside information is best when presented clearly and contextually. ADVICE Most folks are easily influenced during a solar eclipse day and some benefit from –or deserve protection—from mania.

Moon Conjunct Mercury

3rd of 5 days FORECAST This is a powerful lift-off point and lots of esoteric and insider information is available. Men tend to experience tensions, hesitation, or performance anxiety on the day of the solar eclipse. ADVICE. Encourage other people to develop and show talent in a constructive manner. Keep a karma tally going re: trending projects and people.

New moon phase Solar eclipse today viewable from Antarctica

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST A tentative set of working theories and test points on standards come up against a tide of excessive faith or fantasy. ADVICE Chill out on the tendency to be critical or hypersensitive. Dismiss fads and freaky offers.

Moon Square Neptune 

                                                               Sunday, December 5                                                               

4th of 5 days FORECAST More items on the to-do list: a focus on how to serve others seems correct. ADVICE Offer to help or make contributions to boost productivity for colleagues, family, or community organizations.

New moon phase

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Regional or ethnic offerings will match up well with historical and natural resources. ADVICE Emphasize the natural organization in the heart of the family, community, or company. Focus on the best possible ambition set.

Moon trine Uranus 

Monday, December 6

5th of 5 days FORECAST Plans are shaping up. There are diamonds coming out of the mud. Men could use some help. ADVICE Demonstrate sincerity in spite of inner turbulence. This will inspire trust.

New moon phase

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Our job now may be to harmonize intelligence and enforce beautifying hipness. ADVICE Sophistication and all other intrinsic 21st-century qualities could be emphasized for broad success. For example: be both smart and friendly.

Moon Conjunct Venus 

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST A deep dive into motives revealed and/or secrets emerging now will bring power and insight. ADVICE Resurrecting hidden or buried ideas, reconnecting with memorable people or places is favored now. This is also a good time to develop positive or friendly intrigue.

Moon conjunct Pluto

Highlights mid-late December             

December 9-27 FORECAST Two weeks of passion and appreciation for all that the 21st century has to offer. Expect a focus on culture, finance, and social options. ADVICE Get involved in groups and activities from all three categories! You’ll get a vivid preview of the upcoming 2022 renaissance!  These themes persist in the background till Mid-March …an amazing opportunity for romance too!

Venus Conjunct Pluto  

December 17-21 FORECAST The super sensitive personality types might question a giant fortunate offer. ADVICE Luck is on the way and to welcome it we can all put aside hurt feelings. However ample troubleshooting is good and indulgence is counterproductive

Full Moon Phase near the winter solstice

December 14-January 4 FORECAST The third of three hits in 2021: February 17, June 14, and Dec 24. The task before us is to take the best of tradition or structure and then anticipate what innovations will yield a positive outlook synthesis. ADVICE Avoid being stuck in habits rather than striving for proven merit. Be a skeptic in terms of hype, but get educated about science, technology, and groups.

Saturn Square Uranus

Highlights early-mid January 2022

Dec 31-Jan 4 FORECAST This gives an updated—21st century– version of the new year: lots of resources enrich the new moon and new year synchronicity There is a significant innovation, novelty, and contrarian twist to start this secular year. ADVICE It is ok to be insistent and/or compelled towards unique historical figures/images. Use raw, pure, or primary materials. A Steady stance, solid, and consistent fits well,

New Moon Phase Trine Uranus

January 6-10 FORECAST We will witness a stronger presence for music, religion, or philosophy in cults, clubs, and communities emerging. They stand out as per matching special interests and specific regions. ADVICE Ethics are important and the focus is on bringing in the bounty. Enriched/endowed clusters rarely seen come forth.

Sun conjunct Venus Inferior conjunction Venus at Perigee

January 14 FORECAST A review of research and specific requests as per contracts. Contact with influential people is in the mix. Opportunities include rising to high positions; ADVICE Submissions/Entries are likely to generate many responses. Government positions or dealing with the public. Success goes in cycles due to changing circumstances. 

  Mercury stations changes to retrograde motion

January 14-18 FORECAST Surfacing now are normally hidden passions, politics, and plans. An extraordinary sighting determines major influences. ADVICE Activate the evolutionary function, opt for change, or cook up strategies. Sun conjunct Pluto

January 15-19 FORECAST Current scenes are a contest. Explorers, feisty -rousers and competitive types do well. Everyone else is a bit dazed. ADVICE  This is a good indication/advisory/preview of across-the-board 21st-century pair-ups/partnerships modes and team Operandi.  Achieving a bit of immortality is a goal!

Full moon phase

By Victoria Martin

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