Astrologer’s Almanac November 21-27~ Grab all the mystique and lavish experiences!

Astrologer’s Almanac November 21-27~ Grab all the mystique and lavish experiences!




Victoria Martin


Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead

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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

November 21-27, 2021

Highlights late November/early December                                         

November 28-30 FORECAST Extra luscious, exotic images, cures, and sensory input create a compelling story.  ADVICE Grab all the mystique and lavish experiences you can.

Mars Trine Neptune

December 2-6 FORECAST Inner turmoil gives way to amazing solutions. ADVICE Demonstrate sincerity and encourage virtuous thoughts, words, and deeds.

New Moon Phase in Ophiuchus –the magician and healer—Solar Eclipse   Dec 4 

December 4 FORECAST Watch out for the war zone!  On the other hand, we all can benefit from a bit of military-type discipline. ADVICE Do consider duty and serving as firsts on the list. Physical strength is desired. The crucial motto is: ‘Toughen Up’ yet keep up a sense of humor.

More on Dec 4th  Eclipse 

Sunday, November 21

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Expect some pathos, hypersensitivity, and involuntary/automatic/compelling empathy. ADVICE Good intentions may be misunderstood so get feedback.

Moon Square Neptune

Fifth of Five Days FORECAST Conquering narcissism is helped by service to others and unselfishness! Praise is a crowd pleaser. ADVICE It is also good karma to encourage associates. Move onto positive talents/generous manifests.

                                                     Full Moon Phase  @  Star ‘Al Ghoul’                                                      

                                                                                                                              Monday, November 22                                                                                                                             

All Day FORECAST Nothing major is going on, small tasks and routine work bring satisfaction. Mundane, trivial, or routine matters are favored. ADVICE Big moves, declarations, or manifestoes could wait a day if possible. Best to think twice and/or sleep on it.

No Interplanetary geometric relations aka ‘aspects’

                                                                                                                                    Tuesday, November 23

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Scintillating, magical moods and exciting events bring a mix of environments, history, and legends. ADVICE Liven up and keep a positive social goal and aesthetic reference point, This in due time will make a magnificent rendition.

Moon opposed Venus

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Effervescent personalities and miraculous discoveries are brought forth as high-energy examples. ADVICE Live the best role and play the game well.

Moon trine Mars 

Afternoon FORECAST Examples of competitions and rivalry create four make the story, play, or plot. Current depictions of human dilemmas call for use of proverbs. ADVICE Grasp the meaning, see the big picture, then turn conflicts into resolutions. Use positive peer pressure and be cooperative with teamwork tides.

Moon trine Neptune

Night-Wee Hours  FORECAST Contests are pitted against a modern context or projected into a 21st-century ethos, or backdrop. ADVICE Winners indicate what will fly, as hip or trendy. Attention grabbers hint about cures and solutions and thus assist forward motion.

Moon opposed Pluto

Wednesday, November 24

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Incidents of O.C.D. or addictive behavior gain sympathy– or by contrast– are repellent. ADVICE Psychological knowledge can be used for analysis, and cures. Discussion—i.e. ‘talk therapy’ –and/or retraining the mental thought loops into something better are good moves.

Moon trine Mercury

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Enthusiastic or feisty could describe the social mood. Some of those qualities are felt in competitions or events at hand. ADVICE Investigate the patterns in close relations and ask allies for help. Use remedial measures if tyranny, bullying, or severe behavior is encountered.

Moon trine Sun 

Thursday, November 25

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Plans for celebrations or festivities include historical or noteworthy past events. Pageants, shows or parades could include participation. ADVICE Do reenactments in order to re-experience something important. VIP or expert input could be critical at first but in the end constructive, healing, and educational.

Moon opposed Saturn

Morning FORECAST Collecting potential offerings for the future is a first step for today. ADVICE Place the best choices within a proverbial story. This helps you to sense the deep meaning or implications

Moon Square Uranus

Evening- Night FORECAST Charismatic leaders have ideas that are a bit controversial or nonconforming with law or commerce. ADVICE Moving forward prosperously could hinge on a refreshed legal and business plan.

Moon square Mars

Friday, November 26

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST The winning way –or devotion to greater good– occurs when leaders tap into a stream of altruist potency. ADVICE Get in sync with a true happiness formula and providence to clear trends and thoughts. 

Moon opposed Jupiter

Saturday, November 27 

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST A performance of grand strengths is on the agenda. This could enhance odds for success informing edibility for a partnership. ADVICE Teamwork specs are not always appealing to VIPs. An example: hoop jumps like proof of talent or commitments are often part of a deal. Help to those less fortunate is an act of goodwill.

Moon square Mercury

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST What has been produced in the last three weeks is now examined. ADVICE  Articles and acts of strategic value are getting ready to put forth for the solar eclipse on December 4.  A tally and grand reset is in process.

Last Quarter Moon visible during sunrise at zenith

Afternoon- Evening FORECAST Many people get involved/interested in the search for physical or spiritual direction. Technology resources–– as well as historical messages –– can be a big help. ADVICE Focus on the life regulating functions like the heart (distribution of nutrients) the brain (the thinking center) and the liver (detoxing).

Moon trine Uranus

Highlights mid-late December             

December 9-27 Two weeks of passion and appreciation for all that the 21st century has to offer. Expect a focus on culture, finance and social options. ADVICE Get involved in groups and activities from all three categories! You’ll get a vivid preview of the upcoming 2022 renaissance!  These themes persist in the background till Mid-March …an amazing opportunity for romance too!

Venus Conjunct Pluto  

December 17-21 FORECAST the super sensitive personality types might question a giant fortunate offer. ADVICE Luck is on the way and to welcome it we can all put aside hurt feelings. However ample troubleshooting is good and indulgence is counterproductive

Full Moon Phase near winter solstice

December 14-January 4 FORECAST The third of three hits in 2021: February 17, June 14 and Dec 24. The task before us is to take the best of tradition or structure and then anticipate what innovations will yield a positive outlook synthesis. ADVICE Avoid being stuck in habits rather strive for proven merit. Be a skeptic in terms of hype, but get educational about science, technology, and groups.

Saturn Square Uranus