Astrologer’s Almanac June 27-July 3 ~it is good to help others and relieve suffering.

Victoria Martin

Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead


Floating on a wave of platinum and buff-top emeralds, five extraordinary oval cushion-cut Paraiba tourmaline gemstones burst with an azure glow.

Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

June 27– July 3, 2021

 Highlights late June – early July 

June 29-July 3 forecast Rugged assignments are easier with advanced training. This is a ‘combat zone’ state of mind so self-defense is basic. The load is heavy so safety precautions are built into the optimum plan. ADVICE Work smart.  General guidance is that it is time to toughen up! Complaining is of no use but it is good to help others and relieve suffering.

Mars Opposed Saturn

July 1-5 forecast Exciting pageants, conferences, and gatherings are expected. Special interest groups will gain members. Safety precautions and a pace that accommodates plans are desirable. ADVICE Add on what you can. Pick winners and carry only reasonable weight. Be innovative, but reasonable. Moderate or curate mania if it gets out of hand.

Mars Square Uranus

Sunday, June 27

Wee Hours-Morning forecast The impulse to assist others– will help both leaders and followers. Authorities in the fields of healing, teaching, or advising set standards or provide 21st-century updates. ADVICE Wonderworking is possible, yet authoritative testimonials and/or licensing are prerequisites. Developments in therapy, health practice, and educational standards set in 2021 could persist for the next 28 years.

Moon Conjunct Saturn

Wee Hours-Morning forecast Wonderworking and spiritual healing that have roots in the ancient faith and botanic medicine traditions are updating. Some of the best methods for teaching and therapy are the tribal ones. ADVICE Technical or science upgrades are beneficial. The basic psychology of humans has been the same for thousands of years, but new knowledge now available via technology—as in brain exercises and nutrition –creates a formidable lifestyle.

Moon  Square Uranus

Afternoon-Night forecast A propensity for research, idea creation, and conversation is positive. Lucky breakthroughs and accomplishments– as well as minor miracles– occur when reasonable challenges bring success. ADVICE Gift of gab and clever wit applied to interesting topics is a winning combination.  That is: the right ideas can bring out the champions in almost everyone who chooses to participate.

Moon trine Mercury

                                      Monday, June 28                                       

Afternoon-Night forecast  Insights about the components of the truly good life are followed by instructions on how to cultivate and maintain it. Lucky, optimistic, or adventurous options emerge. ADVICE Elements of mysticism, glamour, or utopia are in effect. This is a fortunate time for idea generation as well as event participation. Support VIPs and selected eligible people for job openings.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

1st of 5 days forecast Grinding work or grueling weather brings out career smarts. Those who have strong survival traits or use sustainability methods do well. ADVICE A polite demeanor and pleasantries in the face of anxiety or tension is optimum. Work at a reasonable pace, take breaks, and maintain stamina.

Mars opposed Saturn

Tuesday, June 29

Wee Hours-Morning forecast Expect a mood of harmony, fellowship, and creativity. Themes are idealistic and potentially effective via branding! ADVICE Attention to grab and go handle, elevator resumes, and synopses. Attention to real and operative concepts manifests in worldly context.

Moon trine Sun

Night-Wee Hours forecast An adventurous episode; one that involves many intrigues and extra-keen/clever communications. ADVICE Prepare to participate! This will be a good story to tell later and an amazing experience overall.

Moon  Square Mercury

Wednesday, June 30

2nd of 5 days forecast Extra demands are placed upon personal organisms in terms of performance and energy. ADVICE Allow time for advance prep. Know your limits! Forced labor, extreme exertion, or heavily loaded assignments–common now– cause us to reach beyond normal.

Mars opposed Saturn

Wee Hours-Morning forecast Experiences include active imagination, psychic flashes, and inspiration. A powerful attunement to the big picture emerges and sensitivity is intense. Organic mapping is favored, that is how everything in life or realm works together. ADVICE Remote viewing into the future– or far geographic reaches –is common; take notes. Rich artistic aspirations are made possible via pithy insights from accomplished practitioners so get a mentor.

Moon Conjunct  Neptune

Thursday, July 1

Wee Hours-Morning forecast  View from a high spiritual level–and also a deep emotional one–puts thoughts in motion! Work on media productions is favored. ADVICE Event presentations include contrasting opinions or diverse sources! Added sensory or aesthetic appeal is a big draw.

Moon trine Venus

3rd of 5 days forecast Festivals with historic themes include expert’s take on health: mental and physical. Serious workload manifests better if health and happiness are energizing individual and group life; physical and emotional flexibility is a plus. ADVICE Application of a talent-supporting lifestyle could involve a good sense of humor as well as personal discipline and pleasure postponements. Praise your coworkers and comrades! Discipline and discernment dictate: avoid low behavior and bad food.

Mars opposed Saturn

All Day Peaks @ SUNRISE Thursday forecast   It is a great time for a recap of the recent full moon’s glorious climaxes and nose-dived mishaps! (That was June 22-26) ADVICE Educated conclusions are shaping up/coalescing today. Then we can carry forth our conclusions to plan the next new moon that starts July 9. Moon Square Sun

Night-Wee Hours forecast Events and moods today invoke visual and poetic interpretations. Educated use of history’s lessons are valid contributions to discussions and shows. ADVICE Whip up a few proposals for personal, family, or community happenings. Test out your ideas with close associates.

Moon trine Mars

Friday, July 2

4th of 5 days forecast We are all testing the load limits, gauging support structures, and testing functional organisms. The use of past success and future aspirations are retooling assumptions and impacting each other. ADVICE Historical figures point the way via role modeling and small successes are inspiring. World, nation, community, and company are recalibrating responses to fit the new conditions.

Mars opposed Saturn

1st of 3 days forecast   Instant novelties and surprises are especially instructive for reforms and progress.  Artists, philosophers, and instigators for cultural evolution reach into new realms. ADVICE Perhaps some unstable situations emerging now need lessons in survival and lifestyle practicality. Or maybe it is just time to take a chill pill.

Mars Square Uranus

Night-Wee Hours forecast  A unique meeting, union, or discussion between diverse communities or opposing sides is happening. Adapting to 21st-century media, social graces, and science-tech sophistication is the final cut.  ADVICE Much depends upon behind-the-scenes fancy footwork, negotiations, and/or matchmaking.

Moon Square Pluto

Saturday, July 3

Night-Wee Hours forecast Here’s a touch base option geared to display all of the riches and resources available, Some access is due to group affiliations and others to technology. ADVICE Go for enhancements into storylines or plots, illustrations, props, and costumes to make ideas real. Augment event themes as per materials, tools, and media or vice-versa.

Moon Square Venus

2nd of 3 days forecast Invitation process is examined. That is the process of obtaining an entree or extending an opening. The inclusion or outreach operation provides lessons on behavior and human nature observations. ADVICE Solutions verge on genius. Resourceful improvisation is enhanced via building physical strength. Increase stamina and use safety precautions

Mars Square Uranus

Highlights July and early August

July 7-11  forecast It seems easy at this time to discover divine qualities in daily life. On an earthy note: a focus on minerals, chemicals, and natural resources lend potency to assist progress. Dealers of commodities and pharmaceuticals are featured. ADVICE A small action yields a big effect. Best success demeanor is a charismatic, friendly, and scintillating aura. This is celebrated in people, scenes, or ideas.

New Moon Phase @ super Star Sirius

July 21-25 forecast Acts and judgments are showing sorcery, majesty, and mystique. Iconic, respectable, and venerable could describe those people in the spotlight now.  The question is do you cultivate affection or awe? ADVICE Just about everyone can acquire special powers now, but most come with high maintenance. There is much special discipline and dedication required to fulfill visions, aspirations, and expectations.

Full Moon Phase @ Saturn/Pluto Midpoint

August 6 -10 forecast Creativity demands devotion, historical context, and strong leaders. The request is: excel past experience and coax the best out of yourself. ADVICE Set up supplies. Have your assignment firmly in mind. Then go wild!

New Moon Phase square Uranus

By Victoria Martin

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