Astrologer’s Almanac June 20- June 26 ~ Summer Solstice!

  Victoria Martin



Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead


Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

June 20– 26, 2021

Highlights This Week

June 4-24 FORECAST This is the main challenge for 2021: bridge past to future! The schemes are pulled at each end: tradition and novelty. ADVICE Perhaps a bit like the Silver-Gold proverb: make new friends but keep the old.

Saturn Square Uranus

Sunday, June 20

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST A phase of peace and harmony provides an oasis. This can be used for clear thought, gratitude expression, and creative action. ADVICE Take advantage of this beautiful time frame: realize blessings and plan how to get more and share. Not just for you but also for other people.

Moon Trine Sun

Morning FORECAST The crowning glory of important partnerships is accentuated. Sought after assets are virtue and a knack for prosperity. ADVICE Available to all is the ability to make friendly overtures is always a big plus.

Moon Trine Jupiter

10 AM CDT FORECAST There is a focus on the kingpins and a rush to be an advisor or power behind the throne. On the other hand, if you are a leader, get more support. ADVICE Use lessons about success, education, and adventure. These will be burned into the series of vignettes happening today.

Jupiter Stations: change to retrograde

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Grace, modesty, and friendliness are a good start for interaction preparation. It is a good start for those who wish to make an impression on current social scenes. ADVICE Historical ideas for enactments or for use as themes are important. For participants, it helps to know the script and specs in order to find a proper role to be part of the program.

Moon Square Mars

10:30 PM CDT FORECAST The yearly peak of individuality also affirms genetic affiliation and interests via meetings with family, clan, and ethnic group. ADVICEGreat success occurs via uploads of celebrations from distinct traditions and cultures; many contain deep meaning!

Summer Solstice

Monday, June 21

Wee Hours-Morning   FORECAST Legal or commercial expertise is translated into something that is supportive or in sync with the VIPs. ADVICE The goal of performing miracles, healing, and teaching will be the definitive, guiding light. Commercial gain is secondary. Moon Square Uranus

All Day FORECAST Fantasy impulses are busy. We can all appreciate mystic moments and the magic of imagination. ADVICE Be creative but realistic! Deep virtues are not always part of glamour. Similarly, mystique is just a hypnotic veneer and can easily crack off.

Venus Trine Neptune

Night-Wee Hours  FORECAST Here is a time to showcase trademark styles. A unique blend of talents makes for interesting people. ADVICE Compelling personalities are useful as marketing and storytelling vehicles. This is a great time for artists, musicians, and poets.

Grand Trine Venus-Moon-Neptune Moon Trine Neptune

Night-Wee Hours  FORECAST Most people in the mix of events, visits, and conversations happening now are congenial. ADVICE This is a good time to ask for favors, create invitations, make art, and compose music.

Moon Trine Venus

Tuesday, June 22

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Powerful relationships get refitted into a paradise theme.  Cherished, trusted alliances are always a big plus but trending idealism may not manifest the same in both partners’ mindset. ADVICE Select your collaborators based on virtuous qualities. Honesty, talent, and shared history are plusses. Consider a contribution that benefits a group  as a whole or mutual goal.

Moon Square Jupiter

5 PM CDT FORECAST Here is a chance to pause and reflect on heroic themes or charitable ventures! Any current project depends upon focus and mental visualization skills. Mental pictures are best if vivid. ADVICE This is timely especially for use in communications media or as inspiration for a short adventure. The foot forward attitude a.k.a. a ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ slogan could work. A definitive stand on what is desired is truly helpful.

Mercury Stations return to prograde

1st of 5 days FORECAST A contrast between individuation and high-level social functioning is seen. The glue or the magnetism that holds a group, club, or community together is to be determined. ADVICE Mutual interests are a good start for a family or collective. A balance of personal—centering or grounding—and interpersonal participation or contribution– is important.

Full Moon Phase

Evening-Night  FORECAST  The urge to strategize for an altruistic cause or self-advancement is furthered by emotional history: re-enactments and pageants. Ambitious agendas depicted as stories, theatrics, or dramas are incentives. ADVICE It is time to strut your stuff vis-à-vis any possible means! Get validation from esteemed figures or prestigious institutions. Show the heart meaning of events and legends.

Moon trine Mars

Wednesday, June 23

All Day FORECAST An implicit harmony and sense of well-being inspire gratitude and fellowship. It’s a great time to get a conceptual grasp of the situation. Use an opportunity-rich view /bias on things. ADVICE Collaborations are favored. Direction providers are needed in terms of maximizing commercial potential. Opportunities invite –or depend on–creativity.

Sun Trine Jupiter

Morning FORECAST  Lively discussions verge onto debate levels. Special talents and sincerity will increase success odds. ADVICE In researching solutions and healing professional recommendations are a plus. In a social context it is ok to be a bit provocative but with a friendly, respectful demeanor! 

Moon opposed Mercury

All Day FORECAST Seductive or convincing campaigns gather potency. Passionate partnerships or intense collaborations focus on romance, arts, or financial manifestations. ADVICE To achieve goals a combination of genre, culture, and knowledge are best. Consider what fits for the 21st-century ethos as well as keeping up with your competitors.

Venus opposed Pluto

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Theatrics and self-expression functions tend to intensify during a full moon. Emotions are building; issues of location and attraction are important principles. ADVICE The goal of current events is to get more people to show up. So much depends on family influence, wider group’s interests, and world zeitgeist. 

Full Moon Phase

Evening- Night-Wee Hours  FORECAST Intrigue and fascinating personalities work well in a small setting and also in media. Sociable and interesting –yet sharp– could typify the leading characters in the action now. ADVICE Traits and actions that benefit well-being– or have beneficial long term appeal– may be favored.  All of us can use extra self-preservation instinct too.

Moon Square Neptune

Thursday, June 24

3rd of 5 days PEAK FORECAST Elements of physics, as well as psyche meaning, determine choices on orgs: attendance and affiliations. We are all very commitment-focused. A time and place that is good and feasible will draw the crowds or media attention. ADVICE Emotions ranging from hate to love run high during the full moon, but so does creativity. If ample attendance is desired– as well as making money– use truly nurturing qualities and natural instincts, as well as gimmicks.

Full Moon Phase

Friday, June 25

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Communities, consortiums, and countries grounded in tradition Ironically are now accepting innovations. Spontaneous synthesis and unusual combinations emerge. ADVICE Organizers and events use local legends, community lore, or ethnic flavors. The most secure groups are ready to try new things, add resources, and develop ideas! Others –who are less confident –are defensive.

Moon trine Uranus

4th of 5 days FORECAST Great expectations are natural impulses now. Dramatic events are common during full moons. This one on June 24 is close to the Summer Solstice so it is especially meaningful in terms of individuation. ADVICE It makes sense to celebrate or revel in all of the pluses of space, gravity, and grounding! It’s a good time to take stock of all the positive attributes of a place. 

Full Moon Phase

2:20 PM CDT FORECAST Life’s current paradigm/settings resembles a rodeo and staying in the saddle is a challenge! Here is a focus on the potency or meaning of stories, legends, and myths, especially how to make the most of an experience. ADVICE It is the perfect time for mystic saviors or wizardly heroes. This applies to competitions and holding your own within a peer group or in business but also finding a true mission in life.

Neptune Stations turn to Retrograde

Saturday, June 26 

 5th of 5 days FORECAST Perspectives on modern mythology are useful and pop-cultural symbols are intensified. The power of place– the vibrations from magnetic points or gravity centers– is of interest. ADVICE Emotions about family, community, and world are at their peak but winding down in a day or two. Channeling the energy emanating from various headquarters in use is factored into success formulas.

Full Moon Phase

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Primal urges like turf claim, mating, and power acquisition are featured.  Digging deep into motives, urges, and desires is a focus. ADVICE An abode or Headquarters will be necessary and there are catalysts at work: psychology, sexuality, and finance. Sophistication is a basic operating component and poise is an essential attribute.

Moon Conjunct Pluto

Morning FORECAST  A balance between short-term fame and long-term respect assets could include gracious power-sharing and prestige-lending to others. ADVICE Share the limelight/spotlight and do favors! Generally aim to gain friends and enhance alliances.  

Moon opposed Venus

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST  A keen eye and activity monitoring are creative and fresh. Contest winning or performance feats make the grade. ADVICE Keep moving and be flexible! Accept all good outcomes, not just the ones envisioned/preferred.   

Moon opposed Mars

Highlights late June – early July

June 22-26 FORECAST Hypersensitive, empathetic mode is used for crafting the perfect lesson or initiation. This is a good time to make a positive impact and influence family, community, and colleagues since these arenas are impressionable! We are all questioning what attracts people to go to a place. Is it magnetism, gravity, or a special ‘draw’? It is often acknowledged as ‘good energy’. ADVICE Add on new ways to reach more perceptive mental states, Clear your attunement or go for emotional enlightenment. Biometric measurements –as simple as breath and pulse –help track reactions or improve mood.

Full Moon Near Solstice

June 29-July 3 FORECAST Rugged assignments are easier with advance training. This is a ‘combat zone’ state of mind so self-defense is basic. The load is heavy so safety precautions are built into the optimum plan. ADVICE Work smart.  General guidance is that it is time to toughen up! Complaining is of no use but it is good to help others and relieve suffering. Mars Opposed Saturn

July 1-5 FORECAST Pumped up pageants, conferences, and gatherings are to be expected.  Special interest groups will gain members. Safety precautions and a pace that accommodates plans are desirable. ADVICE Add on what you can. Pick winners and carry only reasonable weight. Be innovative, but reasonable. Moderate or curate mania if it gets out of hand. Mars Square Uranus


By Victoria Martin

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