Astrologer’s Almanac JULY 4 – 10, 2021~ A small action yields a big effect.




By Victoria Martin

Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead

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JULY 4- 10, 2021

July 1-5 FORECAST Exciting pageants, conferences, and gatherings are expected.  Special interest groups will gain members. Safety precautions and a pace that accommodates plans are desirable. ADVICE Add on what you can. Pick winners and carry only reasonable weight. Be innovative, but reasonable. Moderate or curate mania if it gets out of hand.

Mars Square Uranus

July 7-11 FORECAST It seems easy at this time to discover divine qualities in daily life. On an earthy note: a focus on minerals, chemicals, and natural resources lend potency to assist progress. Dealers of commodities and pharmaceuticals are featured. ADVICE A small action yields a big effect. Best success demeanor is a charismatic, friendly, and scintillating aura. This is celebrated in people, scenes, or ideas.

New Moon Phase @ super Star Sirius

Sunday, July 4

5th of 5 days FORECAST Smart work, dutiful action, and responsible assignments will make everyone serious regarding his or her worldly role. ADVICE This goes beyond job perhaps more speaking to a person’s standing in the community. Consider multiple benevolent roles and volunteerism. Helping organizations improve general karma and build a reputation.

Mars opposed Saturn

3rd of 3 days FORECAST Bizarre behavior can be comical, but some trigger irritation. Expect that boundaries will be pushed beyond your comfort zone! ADVICE Be tolerant of harmless eccentricities but be alert to extreme mania or evil intent. Stay cool, learn from the challenge, and gain guidance from the stretch.

Mars Square Uranus

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Intake monitoring, nutrition supply, and supportive research are schemes in focus. Strategies are forming. ADVICE Re-tool to fit wonder-working plans and altruist aspirations. This is a good test for what to select. Pick wisely from golden oldies, classic revivals, and living fossils.

Moon Square Saturn

Sunday, July 4, continued                                                       

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST  A way to describe this moment in time: It’s up for grabs! Anything within the range of probability can happen. Imports, intake, and acquisitions contain aspects from engineering science, cultural history, and organic regulation. ADVICE Use guidelines from groups’ ethos-opinions, media technology, and novelty-innovation. Avoid overexposure to screens, propaganda, or bad nervous energy.

Moon  Conjunct Uranus

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Most folks are highly motivated to attend seasonal, timely events. Interaction, leadership, enactments, and embodiments—i.e. role-playing are appreciated! ADVICE Special favorites are those elements and messages that enhance success, bring hope or make life good. Teamwork and fellowship are valued as well.

Moon Square Mars 

Monday, July 5

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Review of tragic stories is happening. Conclusions what went wrong—and what was correct– provide behavioral proverbs. ADVICE Bad examples show us what not to do! Help from the 21st century via sophisticated utilities is useful. We get patterns to emulate and cultural treasures.

Moon trine Pluto 

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST  Here is an analysis of opportunities and offers in terms of popularity or merit. ADVICE Paradise themes include altruism. Estimate best odds and play up encouragement, praise, and gratitude.

Moon  Square Jupiter

Tuesday, July 6

All DayFORECAST We contemplate life’s meaning via research, therapeutic cures, or heroic training methods. Many or all of these get a dramatic boost now. ADVICE Go along for the ride and follow the enrichments via marketing, scripting, and academic rhetoric. Ride the wave; improve stamina via applied science or wise perspectives.

Mercury Square Neptune  

Night FORECAST A burst of success is backed by altruism and active healing modes. ADVICE Perhaps this is time for a friendship upgrade! Spread compassion, patience, praise, and loyalty. Use community traditions and VIPs as role models.

Moon trine Saturn 

All DayFORECASTCreative work, performance, and composition contain extra appeal and capture attention. ADVICE Use the opportunity offered to show ample beauty, affection, and virtues. Be loyal and traditional yet ever upward striving not for personal gain. Rather, pass on lucky options and serve your peer group.

Venus opposed Saturn 

Wednesday, July 7

Night FORECAST Here’s an impulse to examine inspiration, spirituality, or charity. Those functions are thought to coincide with an enlightened state of being. ADVICE This critique’s purpose is to explain phobias, fix confusion, and clarify hypersensitivity.

Moon Square Neptune

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Sparks of intellect ignite and address a range of topics. Helpful teachings–from heroic wisdom to healing–are quite engaging. ADVICE Useful information is available. Jump in the action; people will talk openly and also listen deeply.

Moon Conjunct  Mercury

First of Five Days FORECAST It seems time to set up standards or specs about how to create a sensation. Budding ideas are in rapid progression or growth mode. ADVICE The trick is to provide something real, tangible, reasonable, and long-lasting. Best to not select fast fun instead even if a flash impulse can be seductive!

New Moon Phase 

Thursday, July 8

Second of Five Days FORECAST It’s easy to create and develop exciting/interesting plans; visionary skills are potent. Guardians, reporters, and quality controllers are at the frontline. ADVICE Monitors and protectors are useful. Keep them on board as plans, hopes, and wishes take on a life of their own.

New Moon Phase 

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST We can all zero in on plotting the proper directions via signal detection and/or counselor’s insights. This is a fortunate time indeed! ADVICE Pick from favored actions of improvisation, creativity, and socializing; all operating at a high conceptual level. The interaction builds heat and confidence. Just be ready to land on both feet and rest when appropriate.

Moon Trine Jupiter

All Day FORECAST Culture scenes host presentations that facilitate surprises. Now emerging are inventions and other wild developments. Unusual attractions are growing. Appealing novelties affect/create an energizing process. Events and programs display treasures that were buried for a long time. ADVICE This very moment seems to be turning points so use it for that purpose! It helps to catch people off guard or depart from the normal. Avoid preconceptions! A manifestation of genius comes with a bit of awkwardness but also pleasure/joy.

Venus Square Uranus

Friday, July 9

Third of Five Days PEAK day FORECAST Conducive to spiritual development is one way to describe conditions now. There is rivalry yet it can be turned into cooperation. ADVICE Well-grounded, practical knowledge of the material world is helpful. Active reflexes and applied physics are important allies. Art making, creativity, improvisation, and imaginative/fantasy functions– including romance– are favored.

New Moon Phase 

Saturday, July 10

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Signs of harmony will point out the most advantageous path, Omens show up and indicate what actions our best to pursue. ADVICE Pay attention to your dreams, intuition, and a flow of consciousness. Also, synchronicity is your friend.

Moon Trine Neptune

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST It’s easy to tell what or who may be the distraction to progress and or obvious to detect the source of adverse psychology or negative political tides. ADVICE We all may need to use herding and convincing as tools. Hopefully, propaganda or coercion can be avoided.

Moon Opposed Pluto

Fourth of Five Days FORECAST It seems challenging to rank hopes and wishes according to the most potentially successful, popular, and nationally meaningful themes. ADVICE Cultural resources, spiritual affinities, and moral upbringing can be aspects of life that serve to unite and create a focus for group activity

New Moon Phase 

Highlights July and Early August

July 21-25 FORECAST Acts and judgments are showing sorcery, majesty, and mystique. Iconic, respectable, and venerable could describe those people in the spotlight now.  The question is do you cultivate affection or awe? ADVICE Just about everyone can acquire special powers now, but most come with high maintenance. There is much special discipline and dedication required to fulfill visions, aspirations, and expectations.

Full Moon Phase @ Saturn/Pluto Midpoint

August 6 -10 FORECAST Creativity demands devotion, historical context, and strong leaders. The request is: do excel, go beyond past experiences, and coax the best out of yourself. ADVICE Set up supplies. Have your assignment firmly in mind. Then go wild!

New Moon Phase square Uranus

By Victoria Martin

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