Astrologer’s Almanac July 18-24, 2021~ebb and flow or give-and-take is a good start.

  By Victoria Martin

Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead

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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

JULY 18- 24, 2021

Highlights This Week

July 21-25 FORECAST Acts and judgments are showing sorcery, majesty, and mystique. Iconic, respectable, and venerable could describe those people in the spotlight now.  The question is do you cultivate affection or awe? ADVICE Just about everyone can acquire special powers now, but most come with high maintenance. There is much special discipline and dedication required to fulfill visions, aspirations, and expectations.

Full Moon Phase @ Saturn/Pluto Midpoint   

                                                                     Sunday, July 18                                                                            

3rd of 3 days FORECAST Testing the (rate of) ebb and flow or give-and-take is a good start. ADVICE Some type of earnest money or hard-to-fake signs of commitment is encouraging. Everybody wants to make a deal, but it’s smart to accept the reality of the situation.

Sun Opposed Pluto

Morning FORECAST Here’s the focus on communities, cults, clubs, and committees. They thrive on leadership, especially those that seem divinely designated. ADVICE Ignited leaders should provide watchwords, creeds, and intellectual/ mental stimulation.

Moon Trine Mercury

Morning FORECAST  Charismatic debutants are great for parties but will need to perform actual duties or create miracles. The key is to be impressive work-wise. ADVICE Gear up to stand the test of time. Call on VIPs for judgments and follow traditional guidelines.

Moon Square Saturn

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Surprise events require a new plan or idea augmentation. Synchronicity –eerie correspondences—may be a sign you’re onto something. ADVICE Beware of false information! Utilize all resources tangible, virtual, human, and ideological. Group support is handy too.

Moon Opposed Uranus

                                                                    Monday, July 19                                                                        

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST There are some advantages gained via remote viewing and widening the normal perspectives. ADVICE Mythology, legends, or other archetypes can be used to visualize or interpret the entire situation.

Moon Trine Neptune

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST  Special individuality or personal quirks are endearing but may need adjustments as per current leadership or job specs. ADVICE A military attitude and or martial disciplines are in sync with what is needed. That’s along with extra energy energizing lifestyle as in athletics will complete the action-ready picture.

Moon Square Mars

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST  Massive intrigue and rapport with animals is cinematic but may be raw or too spooky for mass appeal. ADVICE Leaders are better off showing love and or humor.

Moon Square Venus

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST  A generous team spirit and camaraderie are available. Good instincts help push creative and artful solutions. ADVICE Scare tactics are not appropriate even though peer pressure is eye-widening/catalytic.

Moon Trine Sun

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Seemingly destined partnerships are good, but they will argue about defining a good life. Altruism and paradise models are strong now; both avert selfishness. ADVICE These complex concepts– altruism and paradise– education may be a prerequisite for new joiners and especially those coming as couples

Moon Square Jupiter

Tuesday, July 20

FORECAST A somewhat disconnected mood yet one that facilitates imagination. Success in small matters is likely ADVICE Attend to mundane/menial tasks. Take a day off if possible

No Geometric links between planets

  Wednesday, July 21

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST This is a fascinating time! Emerging now are novel incentives and promotional advertising, but also warnings/red flags. ADVICE It seems smart to eliminate what won’t work. Purge false pretensions and cut wishful thinking. Moon Square Neptune

Morning FORECAST Intrigue and sarcasm are tolerated even celebrated/applauded. There are lots of ways to participate in events. ADVICE Engagement offers are a complement or enhancer to standard leadership plans. Leaders can be contrary or controversial as long as they are trustworthy.

Moon Trine Mars

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST  Sharp tongues and instinctive actions are a little spooky, yet these qualities are catalysts/ waken people! They add interest and boosts participation. ADVICE It is a good time for street-smart comedy. Also (experientially) go beyond reach to make music, art, or dance. Also, add value, declare affection and verbalize admiration.

Moon Trine Venus

First, of Five Days FORECAST Altruistic mindset/ aspirations and special futuristic vision will pair up/combine to make a climax for public awareness in the next few days. Produced are insights about how humanitarianism and the 21st-century civilization can work/fit/co-create together. ADVICE Enrichments that fit in today’s styles are gothic flavors or 1980s revisited culture. Health is a big asset especially for those currently in the mating game.

Full Moon Phase 

  Thursday, July 22

All Day FORECAST This day features small pleasures that could lead to great luck! Extending hospitality or gifts could bring opportunities or adventures. ADVICE Inspiration leads to big exchanges! Love and affections are useful especially in discussions that praise your allies and express appreciation.

Venus Opposed Jupiter 

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Regional or site-specific legends, myths, and anecdotes set a theme. ADVICE Use group building tools and other life-enhancing nutrients. Contrarian thinking, originality, and invention are the top strategy flavors for now.

Moon Trine Uranus

Second of Five Days FORECAST Here’s a revelation based on altruism and humanitarian legends. Including lore, and historic accounts of miraculous events. ADVICE The point is to be rallying around the cause as a group. And also to individually achieve self-mastery.

Full Moon Phase 

Friday, July 23

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Sophisticated ideas, plans, and associations/alliances are at the focal forefront. ADVICE Constructive criticism and sarcasm are likely byproducts so cultivate good humor!

Moon Opposed Mercury

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST  Touch base with powerful people. Do the research and gain insights or accept lessons regarding politics. ADVICE Aim for maximum sophistication and poise; make a strong impression. Be aware of all sides’ demands and expectations.

Moon Conjunct  Pluto

Third of Five Days PEAK FORECAST Here are revelations about altruism and –by contrast—hierarchies’ ancient origins. ADVICE Psychological, financial, or sexual elements have a huge impact on people’s plans and actions.

Full Moon Phase 

Saturday, July 24

Fourth of Five Days FORECAST Many authorities state medical/health guides or offer shamanic-like survival plans. They are aiming for the best possible individual participation and– as per the brightened moon – asserting/advocating graceful fame. ADVICE Stay alert via eagle eyes and scanning the periphery. This will enhance creativity and wake up the brain. Some enchantment is in the mix.

Full Moon Phase 

All Day FORECAST Typically difficult or competitive people will band together and cooperate. It resembles a den of thieves or pirate ships. ADVICE Like characters in a story who share a mission, mutual destiny, a theme, topic, or goal the plot binds them all together.

Mercury Trine Neptune

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST  A very serious mood is a good time to organize tools, assign jobs, and distribute responsibilities. ADVICE Come to terms with your community role and join special interest groups. The more affiliations the better! That way you are building a multi-faceted reputation.

Moon Conjunct  Saturn

Evening- Night FORECAST Many people will change their intake strategy possibly limiting food, screen time, or anything that is less-than-perfect health-wise. ADVICE ‘What is the next step for our culture?’ is what many people are asking.  Certainly, technology and human cooperation is part of the plan.

Moon Square Uranus

Highlights August-September-Early October

August 6 -10 FORECAST Creativity demands devotion, historical context, and strong leaders. The request is: excel, go beyond past experiences, and coax the best out of yourself. ADVICE Set up supplies. Have your assignment firmly in mind. Then go wild!

New Moon Phase square Uranus

August 20-24 FORECAST Full-blown illustrations and incentives regarding luckiest options are a gift and an incentive to take action. ADVICE Map out a game plan, use a play-to-win strategy, and stoke optimism.

Full Moon Phase @ Jupiter

September 1-3 FORECAST Ceremonies, Mother Nature’s glories, and other potent events get out of hand. ADVICE Know what you are doing!  It is possible to tap into something truly intense without intending to do so. Stay cool since this is a personal or social manifestation of ‘going wild’!

Mars opposed Neptune  

September 4-8 FORECAST An opportune time to get a sense of direction especially with regard to virtue paired with achievement. ADVICE Increase performance skills and serve other people’s best interests—as well as your own– simultaneously! !

New Moon Phase 

September 18-22 FORECAST It is a big turning point dawning; winners are selected for important leadership roles in family, community, and beyond. ADVICE Do your best. Be a good sport and use special talents to make a soulful impression.

Full Moon Phase Near Autumnal Equinox

NEW October 4-8 FORECAST The race starts off with a bang!  Lots of action, interest in survival tactics, many clever stories, and lively distractions pepper this new moon phase. ADVICE Choose wisely, get physical education, use engineering skills and invent tools.

New Moon Phase conjunct Mars

By Victoria Martin

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