Astrologer’s Almanac JULY 11 – 17, 2021 ~ Synchronicity is your Friend



By Victoria Martin

Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead



Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

JULY 11- 17, 2021

July 16-18 FORECAST Offered this week is a chance to evolve, change, and improve partnerships and cooperatives. Many of us will negotiate, dance into hearts, and jump through hoops. All are geared to prove worth for inclusion. ADVICE Various positions are at stake as is the acquisition of wealth, prestige, or turf. A business-oriented state of mind is good but that of a healer-shaman or matchmaker is ok too.

Sun Opposed Pluto

Sunday, July 11 

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Expect a few minor testy situations to emerge. This challenge and ultimate triumph can verify the status or bestow prestige. ADVICE It is best to consult authorities, VIPs or experts. Follow their guidelines regarding miracle-working.

Moon Opposed Saturn

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST We all want to know what will fly in terms of the future. Questions pondered include popularity standards and unique attention getters. ADVICE Join those who are all seeking catalysts regarding projects! Issues of funding, fueling, and/or intake of the audience are crucial. Moon Square Uranus

Fifth of Five Days FORECAST Super fertile time window is winding down or closing slightly. Conditions are not quite as open to new suggestions as was the case Wednesday thru Saturday. A mood of more intense scrutiny is encroaching. ADVICE Keep on course even if distractions disturb the incubation period or augment the embryonic activity.

New Moon Phase

                                                                       Monday, July 12                                                                             

Wee Hours-Morning  FORECAST  A potentially momentous day and romantic moods are pervasive. Moods are fertile/open and receptive to talent-based manifestations or marvelous renditions. ADVICE Be aware that something miraculous can now be made out of available resources. It’s a great time for seduction, cultural appreciation, creativity, or socializing.

Moon Conjunct Venus & Mars

All Day FORECAST This time frame brings teachers who are excellent and richly talented. Encouraging discussions will result in progress. A very creative time for writers and thinkers: it turns composing into a game or sport. ADVICE Start a brainstorm, discussion group, or improvisation students! Mercury Trine Jupiter

Tuesday, July 13

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Attitudes radiate courage: the admired profile is lion-hearted! Generous compulsions are added and all goes well. A utopian reservoir can be inspiring. We can all dip into encouragement, life-enhancers, and an increase in idealism. ADVICE Go for attitudes of hope and love. Take a position of fair treatment and good humor towards others. It is an especially benevolent time to mingle with those of similar ethnic backgrounds, matching interests, and corresponding education.

Moon Opposed Jupiter

All Day FORECAST Cupid strikes! It seems that everyone falls in love with something or someone. We can gather up a harvest full of beauty and affection. ADVICE Going along with the tribe, incorporating a theme, or dancing with/to the music is advantageous.

Venus Conjunct Mars 

Wednesday, July 14

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST At this time directives for body and soul appear via actions, words, or images. Also emerging now are ideas correct for the moment. ADVICE It’s possible to make innovative combos. Synthesis and/or scrambling seem to work out well too.

Moon Trine Uranus

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Grounding via natural elements like earth, water, and the air is offered. This occurs via ceremonies or immersion. ADVICE Coaching in human stories, legends, and dramas will make the experience more meaningful.

Moon Opposed Neptune

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST 21st Century advantages are quite prominent yet require sophistication to access. ADVICE Once you crack the code it makes sense to borrow from the vast cultural storehouses. Form an updated—yet human-friendly– a model for life.

Moon Trine Pluto

Thursday, July 15

All Day FORECAST Featured now are daydreams and brainstorms. They enrich current contests and competitions. ADVICE Peer pressure is somewhat inevitable, but the mood is improved via use of compassion and empathy. Set up cooperative themes to bring invitations and socializing.

Sun Trine Neptune

Evening- Night FORECAST The pleasures of art and academia provide rich stories. Samples and examples can be translated into counseling for catharsis. They also can help identify issues and can be used to find proper direction. ADVICE Make a list, use media, and have conversations. This could be a day that is initially bumpy but with a happy ending.

Moon Square Mercury

Friday, July 16

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Here are some tips on survival that include improvisation techniques. Engineering and troubleshooting are the basic entry-level. ADVICE Brush up on your chops or underlying skills. The skeleton of know-how will support advantage and impart respect.

Moon Trine Saturn 

Sunset FORECAST Emerging now are signs of urgency and correction needs. It is time to summon support for emerging new ideas. ADVICE Select the best candidates for success but also assist budding projects that need a little more help to grow. And fix that ASAP.

Moon Square Sun

1st of 3 days FORECAST As we set up rules or parameters for showtime and competitions there’s much to consider. ADVICE Idiosyncratic 21st-century code and mores are complicated but absolutely necessary prerequisites for players, participants, and contestants.

Sun Opposed Pluto

Saturday, July 17

All Day FORECAST Here’s extended consideration and repair options for new enterprises and budding relationships. ADVICE Pay special attention to new projects started on July 7!

Moon Square Sun

Wee Hours-Morning  FORECAST Some testing and/or cuts in terms of what will fly are on the agenda. In some cases, there are clear definitions of who’s in who’s out. ADVICE Check powerbase, financial situation, and political support for cues on choices.

Moon Square Pluto

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST  Help by means of a special aura, personal talents, or charisma is a good start. ADVICE Cultivate a modest demeanor and use multiple outreach efforts techniques or affiliation incentives.

Moon Trine Jupiter

2nd of 3 days FORECAST The cards are on the table. Valuable elements and personal attributes ready to contribute or exchange are obvious. ADVICE It’s a good time to take a tally and set objectives.

Sun Opposed Pluto

July 21-25 FORECAST Acts and judgments are showing sorcery, majesty, and mystique. Iconic, respectable, and venerable could describe those people in the spotlight now.  The question is do you cultivate affection or awe? ADVICE Just about everyone can acquire special powers now, but most come with high maintenance. There is much special discipline and dedication required to fulfill visions, aspirations, and expectations.

Full Moon Phase @ Saturn/Pluto Midpoint


By Victoria Martin

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