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Victoria Martin

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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

August 29- September 4, 2021

Highlights Early September 

September 1-3 FORECAST Ceremonies, Mother Nature’s glories, and other potent events get out of hand. ADVICE Know what you are doing!  It is possible to tap into something truly intense without intending to do so. Stay cool since this is a personal or social manifestation of ‘going wild’!

Mars opposed Neptune  

September 4-8 FORECAST An opportune time to get a sense of direction especially with how to pair virtue with achievement. ADVICE Increase performance skills and serve others’ best interests—as well as your own– simultaneously!

New Moon Phase 

                                            Sunday, August 29                                                                        

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Compelling tragic stories, elitist news, and high-status procedures are daunting. ADVICE Best to be humble and listen for cues or directions. Think in terms of the zeitgeist as a pathway.

Moon Square Jupiter

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Presenting personal and professional dramas could be interesting if graced by culture and compelling storylines. ADVICE A moral or proverbial message –especially a transcendent, artful, or romantic one– is captivating.

Moon trine Mercury

                                           Monday, August 30                                                                  

Wee Hours-Morning peak effect is at Dawn FORECAST Heroic deeds or courageous actions create a good impression. A summary and ”the take away” from deeds of the last three weeks are due. ADVICE This could be a list or a toolkit of admirable traits. It’s smart to buffer human shortcomings with generosity or other virtues at this time.

Moon Square Sun Last quarter Moon

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Important cultural mores and community standards gain definition and credentials. ADVICE A science-conformist program, responsible actions, and good health habits are favored.

Moon trine Saturn

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST A quick rise to success and fame is the focal point. Many people seek admiration. A focus on the attainment of goals is irresistible and compelling. ADVICE Arts, culture, academia, and science add balance, ornament, and value to most situations.

Moon trine Venus

                                                  Tuesday, August 31                                                                    

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Therapy would use purging, art expression, and physical exercises. ADVICE At first it is difficult to team up mind and body. Ultimately nature and rituals favor the unity of Psyche and Soma.

Moon Square Mars

Morning FORECAST The urge to gain esteem is good, but success depends on grace, talent, and inspiration. ADVICE Use glamour and upload mystique. Ornament with samples of symbols, scent, color, and sound. Borrow ideas from legends and myths if appropriate.

Moon Square Neptune

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Generous behavior becomes fashionable and appreciated. ADVICE Dignity and poise are favored and timely.

Moon trine Jupiter

Wednesday, September 1

1st of 3 Days FORECAST Situations have volatile, slippery, or toxic elements. Conditions manifest in relationships, the inner psyche, and physicality. There are careless or warlike signals created giving way too mild hysteria. ADVICE Guard against dangerous assumptions! Stay calm and maintain flexibility and a sense of humor.

Mars Opposition Neptune

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Seeking counsel or obtaining direction near term is enhanced by social graces. Academics, culture, or science advocate for recording signs. ADVICE Pay attention to the good omens that occur at openings and births. Rules and protocol –properly framed–have positive power.

Moon Square Mercury

Thursday, September 2 

2nd of 3 Days FORECAST Tempers and/or bodily functions are inflamed. An exam of trauma or chemistry could help solve the problem. ADVICE Provocative messages and feisty invocations are a new spirituality, but somewhat irreverent of fixed religion.

Mars Opposition Neptune

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Competition for money, audience, or credibility centers on the cultural, scientific, or food arenas. Pulling tricks and surprise switchouts are attention getters. ADVICE New friendships may be based on first impressions, so the initial impact is worth enhancing. Standing up for extra charm is always welcome.

Moon Square Venus

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST The winning edge now could be due to judicial exploitation of ESP and tuition. ADVICE Keep tuned to the big picture and have all skills at attention. Good health practices help maintain a prime energy state.

Moon trine Neptune

Friday, September 3

3rd of 3 Days FORECAST The way to describe the undertow or emotional state could be sensitive, confused, or vulnerable. Errors are likely but preventable. ADVICE Those tagged as naïve may become targets. Protect yourself and safeguard the innocent folks in your midst.

Mars Opposition Neptune

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Checking in with important allies, taking the pulse of community or the nation’s political temperature is a good start. ADVICE Then it’s time to state your goals, make deals, and negotiate.  Be flexible yet determined.

Moon Opposition Pluto

Saturday, September  4  

1st of 5 days FORECAST As we anticipate the autumn season in semi-full swing there’s credence to factoring in the big picture. ADVICE Consult the overview, use wisdom, and hold truth-oriented perspectives.

New Moon Phase

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Situations bring forth stoic postures and/or serious attitudes. ADVICE Successful people serve as good examples. Trailblazers and sophisticated role models are worth emulating too.

Moon Opposition Saturn

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Pageants and commemorative events invoke special meaning and unusual experiences. ADVICE The leaders, facilitators, and creators would be smart to synthesize both ancient and sci-fi features.

Moon Square Uranus

All Day FORECAST Business pointers and engineering sense will assist all executives. Especially helpful now are magical or insider tips. ADVICE Favor the guidance that facilitates healing and wonderworking.

Mercury trine Saturn

Highlights mid-September- December 

September 18-22 FORECAST It is a big turning point dawning; winners are selected for important leadership roles in family, community, and beyond. ADVICE Do your best. Be a good sport and use special talents to make a soulful impression.

Full Moon Phase Near Autumnal Equinox

October 4-8 FORECAST The race starts off with a bang!  Lots of action, interest in survival tactics, many clever stories, and lively distractions pepper this new moon phase. ADVICE Choose wisely, get physical education, use engineering skills and invent tools.

New Moon Phase conjunct Mars

October 18-22 FORECAST Juxtaposition of radically different ideas is fascinating. A dialog between high-contrast groups is dramatic even if done carefully. ADVICE It is difficult to please all demands from political and financial factions yet it is worth a try!

Full Moon Phase  square Pluto

November 2-6 FORECAST Taking science and miscellaneous innovations to the next step seems to be the mission at hand. ADVICE Commercial and legal considerations come after the plan or invention coalesces!

New Moon phase in the Scales Constellation  opposite Uranus

November 16-18 FORECAST Wild excitement, mania, and synchronicity are just the beginning of the amazing stories evolving. ADVICE A balance between acts of genius and what is legal and commercially viable.

Mars Opposed Uranus

 November 17-21 FORECAST Drama tempered by humility seems rampant. A multitude of tragedies, sob stories, and complaints include serious ones. ADVICE Refer extreme cases to specialists, but other tragedies may be benign and the catalyst for creating great art, music, or drama.

Full Moon phase  Star ‘Al Ghoul’ Lunar Eclipse November 19                                             

December 2-6  FORECAST  Inner turmoil gives way to amazing solutions. ADVICE Demonstrate sincerity and encourage virtuous thoughts, words, and deeds.

New Moon Phase in Ophiuchus –the magician and healer—Solar Eclipse   Dec 4

December 11-27 FORECAST Most December moods support passion for 21st-century culture and a lust for power. Expect romantic infatuations and potent seductive inclinations. ADVICE Easy does it! Everyone wants to make money and be as hip as possible yet hype can be faked. Aphrodisiacs are in the air, but it is best to be home by midnight.

Venus stationary conjunct Pluto

By Victoria Martin

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