Astro-Cast March 2023



By Victoria Martin



Highlights March



March 512 FORECAST Those communities observing Daylight Savings Time will soon switch to DST. ADVICE Try to get to sleep an hour early for the next 7 days.  reset circadian cycle in advance of the time change March 12

March 5-9 FORECAST Many folks wish to have a better sense of direction, especially to benefit the soul growth and personal affections. ADVICE Trend analysts and esoteric teachings are available. Fun and active camaraderie–in an embodied sense–are good if reasonable. Full Moon Phase Square mars

March 10-18 FORECAST Trends, moods, and appetites favor complexity or fantasy for the time being. This helps creative output but taxes organization. ADVICE That brings into consideration communications and the use of marketing or media-based promotions. The showcase, audience, and cash flow will be a challenge or the cause for triumph. Guard against extremes, avoid intoxicants and curb unwarranted leaps of faith. Mars Square Neptune

March 19-23 FORECAST Really complex situations are partly due to inclinations towards fantasy and cravings for glamour. ADVICE Scenes are interesting but tricky. Use moderation and empathy. New Moon Phase conjunct Neptune



Sunday, March 5

First of Five Days FORECAST A rush of seekers are looking for truth and/or meaning in life. This is an inspiration. ADVICE Honest questions are likely to get answered eventually. Due to the high demand persistence is an expediter. Full Moon Phase

Monday, March 6

Second of Five Days FORECASTA few rabble-rousers/troublemakers/rebels create interest but add confusion. ADVICE In some cases the commotion is understandable due to the season. In mild chaos it is good to settle down / get earthy. Full Moon Phase

Tuesday, March 7

Third of Five Days FORECAST Many people are seeking soulful directives. Lots of fun stuff is going on too. ADVICE Wisdom traditions’ teachings from all ages are available. Also useful are pragmatic thoughts and/or stoic philosophies. Best to participate fully in life yet be realistic as well. Full Moon Phase



Wednesday, March 8

Fourth of Five Days FORECAST As the lessons and feats come up, survival skills are handy to have. Valuable info emerges via lively conversations. ADVICE A clever demeanor and self-preserving posture is advantageous. Full Moon Phase

Thursday, March 9

Fifth of Five Days FORECAST Sampling academic culture and entertainment offerings bring insight and pleasure. ADVICE Attendance to/Observance of the language used will allow for fine-tuned meaning. Full Moon Phase

Friday, March 10

2:30 PM-8:30 PM CST FORECAST High quality performance and sparkling presentations are expected as the norm. Everyone strives to be in the Alpha group in spite of a few grumpy types or suffering souls. ADVICE Less than gracious responses should be tolerated yet not emphasized; rather the upward motion has momentum! Moon Square Pluto



Saturday, March 11

All Day FORECAST This timeframe produces an account of what has been accomplished in the past weeks. It also pinpoints what needs work/improvement. ADVICE Dreary responses are best neutralized. Better to factor-in responses, sort complex histories, and be a good sport. Moon Conjunct Karma node

Sunday, March 12

March 12th   (2 AM local time for those communities observing) FORECAST Due to ‘springing’ the clock forward there is a collective jet lag since everyone loses an hour of sleep. ADVICE Get plenty of exercise for a good night’s sleep. Avoid caffeine and screens late in the day Switch to Daylight savings time

Monday, March 13

First of Three Days FORECAST Cinematic stories evoke deep feelings. Quandaries take on epic proportions. ADVICE Clear the fog and question blind faith or excess idealism. Shun indulgence or despair no matter how great the appeal. Mars square Neptune



Tuesday, March 14

Second of Three Days FORECAST Commerce and/or politics produce compelling propaganda, but reason and practicality can endure. ADVICE Strengthen your best qualities and cover vulnerable points. Mars square Neptune

5 PM Tuesday-11 PM CDT FORECAST Fascination may be due to genuine merit in content or just tricks. ADVICE Keep an eye on the big picture. Use tools that work and wisdom receptive formulae. Moon square Sun Last quarter Moon

First of Three Days FORECAST Daily life seems dream-like due to the prominence of complex issues, hopes, and wishes! It is natural to expect a renaissance at this time of year. ADVICE Apply truth serums and use logic tests! Add intuition for best end results. Sun Conjunct  Neptune



Wednesday, March 15

Third of Three Days FORECAST Even if conditions seem a bit dreary it is possible to find solace via helping those in need. ADVICE After fixing your own leaks or lacking, there is much to be said for interpersonal empathy, outreach, and charitable acts. Mars square Neptune

Second of Three Days FORECAST Dreams may be extra vivid and spiritual opportunities are plentiful. ADVICE Make sure that nutrition and deep sleep needs are met. Avoid excessive fantasy. Sun Conjunct  Neptune

Thursday, March 16

Third of Three Days FORECAST We are all a bit bleary from recent complex scenes the battle cry could be ‘Keep it Simple’! ADVICE Reduce plans to most important features but keep a bit of the nuance too. Sun Conjunct  Neptune

All Day FORECAST These are challenging times especially for men who are likely to yearn for simplicity. Those who rebel against religion, reject glamour, and out rule ESP find allies/support. ADVICE Embrace the social benefits of worship but cut illusions and fantasy. Consider the psyche building that results from meditation and prayer. Use attractive aspects of elegant style and pay attention to intuition. Sun square Mars



Friday, March 17

All Day FORECAST The search for meaning and magic in life is appropriate for this springtime of year. Some manic behavior is possible, or hedonist leanings are prominent. We are invited to engage in festivities that celebrate the new season dawning. ADVICE Maintain lucid communications and safe transportation. It helps to monitor dreams and use intuition. Avoid fantasy, excesses, and indulgence. Sun and Mercury Conjunct Neptune

Saturday, March 18

7:45 AM-1:45 PM CDT FORECAST Healing, teaching, and hybrid solutions are active. These benefit from innovations and/or groupthink input. ADVICE Include friendly touches, new inventions, and popular twists. Moon square Uranus

Sunday, March 19 moon at perigee

8:30 AM-2:30 PM CDT FORECAST A serious or solemn time can include gentle guidance from an elder or wise person. ADVICE There are huge benefits available via tradition, vetted mystique, and elegant culture. Moon Conjunct Saturn

First of Five Days FORECAST Almost everyone emits a know-it-all attitude; some are actual authorities others are just posers. ADVICE The possibilities seem endless or open-ended. This is both interesting and intimidating. New Moon Phase near the Vernal Equinox



Monday, March 20

Second of Five Days FORECAST Lots of options and strong primal impulses—like the mating- urge—seem overwhelming. ADVICE Stay firmly planted, use instincts, and stay centered in your body. Most of the current imperatives will work themselves out in the next two weeks. New Moon Phase near the Vernal Equinox

4:24 PM CDT FORECAST It’s likely to be an extra passionate spring fever impacting the mass psyche this year! ADVICE Welcome the new season with enthusiasm but stay cool! Influential, radical behavior is out there, so be hip to that. VERNAL EQUINOX

11:15 PM Monday -5:15 AM Tuesday EDT FORECAST This is likely to be a transcendent, dreamy or sensitive time. There may be a lesson in empathy or an option to show compassion. ADVICE Avoid tricky situations, have an exit strategy, or handle with care. Deal with the basics first, then enjoy the symbolism or hidden meanings that emerge. Moon Conjunct Neptune



Tuesday, March 21

Third of Five Days FORECAST There is deliberation regarding setups, plans, and pathways. It seems like a crucial matter. ADVICE Use your best judgment. Do all you can to ease tension for yourself and others. Celebrate the new season; be social and creative. New Moon Phase near the Vernal Equinox

4:30 PM-10:30 PM CDT FORECAST It seems easy to match feelings to words. Good timing and a focus on important ideas are second nature. ADVICE Follow hunches regarding who to contact and when. Gut feelings are another useful phenomenon. Moon Conjunct Mercury

Wednesday, March 22

Fourth of Five Days FORECAST Conflicting urges are felt: on one hand introversion due to the dark of the moon. On the other is the impetus to express yourself or be social due to the start of spring. ADVICE The equinox is a dramatic pause before the new season. As such it is appropriate to outline goals, make inroads, and get feedback. New Moon Phase near the Vernal Equinox

11:15 AM-5:15 PM CDT FORECAST This is a time of abundance, exploration, and education/enlightenment. ADVICE Be generous, do outreach, and aim for the best outcome. Engage in sports, games, and discussions. Moon Conjunct Jupiter



Thursday, March 23

Fifth of Five Days FORECAST The wild energy churning in public scenes and at private events sparks the imagination! ADVICE Be realistic about what projects and people to favor and act on now. Plan to develop viable options in the next two weeks. New Moon Phase near the Vernal Equinox

6:15 PM Thursday -12:15 Friday AM CDT FORECAST This timeframe beckons us to do the best we can to serve friends, family, and community. ADVICE See what good can be accomplished and do as much as possible. Moon Conjunct Dharma node

Friday, March 24

1:30 AM-7:30 AM CDT FORECAST This is a time of good-natured moods, actions, and speech. Acts could be full of beauty from rich material or historic sources and typify congenial interaction. ADVICE This can extend far into the day. Positive exchanges are in prime time; jump in whenever you can Moon Conjunct Venus

3 PM-9 PM CDT FORECAST The positive mood continues with a twist of novelty; so pleasant surprises are likely. ADVICE Futuristic –i.e. technology and science options– and charismatic groups yield benefits. Both require training and/or initiatory phases. Moon Conjunct Uranus



Saturday, March 25

7:30 PM Saturday-1:30 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Some sort of thrill or popularity is brewing. There is an element of deep wisdom that is the price of admission. Also helpful are tradition or seasonal folklore since they impart glamour and mystique. Moon square Saturn

Sunday, March 26

1st of 3 Days FORECAST Extra good ideas and smart thoughts are emerging. ADVICE Whether due to encouragement, talent, training or all mixed together is a mystery. Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

Monday, March 27

2nd of 3 Days FORECAST The dominant mood offers access to a better outlook, optimism, and good humor ADVICE We can all take advantage of this upbeat time to do good work or enjoy life. Mercury Conjunct Jupiter



Tuesday, March 28

4:15 AM-10:15 AM CDT FORECAST Showbiz inclinations liven up potent ideas and make everything more palatable. ADVICE Physical participation is key. It helps to build something, do a dance or enter into a game mode. Counselling or a better sense of direction emerges. Moon Conjunct Mars

5:30 PM Tuesday-11:30 PM CDT FORECAST. Excitement about the development or building process could lead to exaggeration and hyperbole. ADVICE The working ideas are spectacular and sure to please many people.  This stimulates creativity, performance, and primes talent to peak mode. Just have a planned space and/or time for a landing-zone. Moon square Sun first quarter Moon

3rd of 3 Days FORECAST Gatherings will facilitate intelligent discourse and advocate progressive ideas. ADVICE A bit of exaggeration is likely, so factor that into your analyses. Mercury Conjunct Jupiter



Wednesday, March 29

2:30 PM-8:30 PM CDT FORECAST Knowledge of chemistry or math and a range of communication talents crystallize and clarify vision. ADVICE Create icons to further explain current trends vis-à-vis science or geometry. Adopt good formulae and intensify focus on goals. Manifest branding for vivid personal style or potent corporate identification. Moon square Jupiter

1st of 3 Days FORECAST Here is clarification on topics of food, travel, and other cultural life enrichments. Icons or figureheads in general get confirmed. ADVICE A special totem or unique figure is better if it is alive and can interact, a pet for example.  Venus Conjunct Uranus

Thursday, March 30

2nd of 3 Days FORECAST Effective acts to consecrate or concretize a relationship may involve a gift or tangible sign of affections. ADVICE True charisma originates from a great love for fun and an appreciation for humans. This is enforced via material support, money transfers, or generous signs of commitment. Venus Conjunct Uranus

1:45 PM-7:45 PM CDT FORECAST Intensive trends favor teaching or healing from wise sources. ADVICE Do fortify allegiance and tap into benefits from historical pageants that portray the truth in a way that sticks. Moon opposed Pluto

Friday, March 31

3rd of 3 Days FORECAST The future and all its accoutrements– especially Special Interest Groups, science and technology– just gained more appeal. ADVICE Some good investments for socializing, time or money could seem better that they really are so choose carefully. Venus Conjunct Uranus

Saturday, April 1

3 AM-9 AM CDT FORECAST Charismatic leaders utilize inside information regarding nutrition, global trends, and spokespersons. ADVICE Personal anecdotes are endearing especially if they impart guidance and portray plights common to us all. Moon square Venus



Highlights April 2023

April 4-8 FORECAST Conditions are semi-dramatic but fairly easy to manage. ADVICE This may be an excellent time to let off steam in a fun, safe manner! Full Moon Phase

April 17-21 FORECAST Here is a great sense of enterprise, joy, and adventure in the wind. ADVICE Optimism can be applied as soon as the proper strategy is installed! New Moon Phase conjunct Jupiter and square Pluto contains a solar eclipse April 19

April 21-May 14 FORECAST Here is an option to revisit rich information sources and know what ideas are important to a better life. ADVICE Then it may make sense to regulate or adjust information flow especially intake. Mercury Stationary on Apr 21 moves retrograde till May 14



Highlights May-mid June 2023

May 3-7 FORECAST How many new spins could science and technology provide?  Legal and commercial experts want to know. A lot of mania and a bit of fatigue set in. ADVICE Balance between the new futurists and the sophisticated, 21st century synthesis; that does the trick. Full Moon Phase contains a Lunar eclipse May 5 (Sun is conjunct Uranus)

May 10-24 FORECAST The big challenge of the year is to hold onto power and continue to do what you do best. ADVICE  To keep things interesting, think outside the box for maximizing luck and education. Jupiter square Pluto @ ALTAIR the eagle-star

May 19-24 FORECAST Sharp minds/Clever people examine altruism and history as appropriate to current projects. ADVICE  Acknowledge the competition use methods that are appealing, sustainable, and virtuous. Mars opposed Pluto Square Jupiter

May 17-21 FORECAST The preponderance of narcissism or crimes of passion are in need of fixing. Self-preservation includes turning the tables on selfish people or reversing a bad situation. ADVICE There’s a focus on developing talents as therapy or an antidote for tragic flaws. Also useful is the hero who rises above challenging childhood episodes. New Moon Phase @ star Al Gol: the spook

June 1-5 FORECAST News or events activate inner turmoil. Some people are torn between conflicting options or confused by opposite interests. ADVICE Be part of the shamanic healing solution. Use dreams, traditional remedies, and community gatherings as cures.  Full Moon Phase Square Saturn

June 16-20 FORECAST Potent, imposing personalities –and the sheer force of a noble mission– are compelling. ADVICE Do not be intimidated unless a retreat is the best option. Hold your ground! New Moon Phase square Neptune

June 17-November 4 FORECAST Trendsetters and zeitgeist analysts are on the record. ADVICE Future prognoses and predictions–especially those recommendations for the good life covering the next 5 months– will be revisited/accountable, so frame them properly. Saturn stationary begins retrograde motion till nov 4

June 25-27 FORECAST Leaders appear confident even though elite group opinion/support is shifting/evolving. ADVICE Groups characterized as elite, expert, or specialty have the new/current version of truth so it’s smart to check with their conclusions on trends in resources, tools, and money. Mars Square Uranus