April 2024



By Victoria Martin




Highlights for April 2024

April 1 FORECAST The schedule asks us to retrace steps, search through the harvest, and review gleanings from recent events. ADVICE This could include unusual team tactics that when attempted could work well. Mercury retrograde-marathon communication- MODE TILL April 25

April 6-10 FORECAST Experiments are stand-alone, events are isolated, or experiences seem unique. Some rare noble efforts connect current projects to a wider association. ADVICE Bring on an interface or build a network to enhance development possibilities. Interacting with colleagues is advised since a lone wolf mode is dangerous. Total solar eclipse

April 7-13 FORECAST Current projects call for sustained strength, administration skills, and applied engineering specs. ADVICE There is a necessity for action on compelling problems via long-term solutions or at least temporary remedies. Mars Conjunct Saturn

April 10-30 FORECAST The 2024 Cultural Renaissance would likely make a showing during this timeframe. ADVICE Clues on how to get the most out of this rebirthing event are tracking on global and multi-disciplinary levels. Top priorities include the use of science, technology, and futurism. Jupiter conjunct Uranus

April 21-25 FORECAST Behavior shows signs of modesty and charm, extreme hospitality, or hearty outreach. This brings a focus to rich sources currently available. ADVICE A genuine leader or valuable product should sell itself, yet personal charisma, advertising, and marketing are modern-day enhancers even necessities. Full moon phase

April 25 FORECAST Scintillating production and ideas of science, law, or philosophy are coming forth. There’s a focus on making the best of an awkward situation. ADVICE we all would do well to use ingenuity and find transportation or communication solutions. Mercury station returns to direct motion.

April 26-30 FORECAST Here are felt hypersensitive moods or vital details get tricky. Potentially virulent is the use of imagination, spirituality, or chemistry. ADVICE Proceed with caution! Use applied science knowledge and wisdom regarding human nature. Mars conjunct Neptune


Sunday, March 31

9 AM- 3 PM CDT FORECAST Sarcasm in critical analysis could interfere with your good intentions or creative modality. ADVICE Use humor, chill out snarky thoughts, and take nasty comments in stride. Be a good sport i.e. emulate the generous person model iconography. Moon Square Venus

 3:15 PM- 9:15 PM CDT FORECAST Complex conditions are paired up with intriguing people or unique goals making this an interesting story. ADVICE Know what you can navigate expertly and avoid danger. Moon Square Neptune


Monday, April 1

4:15 PM CDT FORECAST We are all going back into past references. ADVICE This is to build future success in media, communications, and idea creation. Mercury appears as if stationary and goes into (apparent) retrograde till Apr 25

All Day FORECAST It’s compelling to make a summary of the past three weeks. ADVICE Especially of interest are the events during the full moon, which contained a lunar eclipse. Aim towards a gathering harvest and exercise the ghosts. Moon Square Sun– last quarter moon– rises at midnight


Tuesday, April 2

8:15 PM Tuesday-2:15 AM Wednesday CDT FORECAST Rethinking proposed collaborations calls for trends analysis and remote viewing. ADVICE Visualize a ‘what if’ scenario and then use the best one as a guide or grid. Moon square Mercury


Wednesday, April 3

4:15 AM-10:15 AM CDT FORECAST The systems and hierarchies that govern power and money arenas is a daunting study. ADVICE Review and refresh the survival and sustaining lessons learned from the past few years. Moon Conjunct Pluto

All Day FORECAST Fantasies about romance love, arts, and culture are overrated. ADVICE A transcendent and compassionate review of people, social life, and culture add more meaning or tolerance. Venus Conjunct Neptune


Thursday, April 4

7:45 AM-1:45 PM CDT FORECAST Luck and good fortune come in many forms. ADVICE Combine the best or strongest options and favor those that show evidence of trends supporting. Moon square Jupiter

12:30 PM-6:30 PM CDT FORECAST Factors normally considered fortunate in career, family, and success are redefined. That is because scientists, radicals, and inventors provide new ideas/modes regarding human life. ADVICE These innovators have influence on thoughts and plans. Paradigms evolve and the findings are distributed. Practical application is possible when mania fades out in a few days. Moon square Uranus


Friday, April 5

9 PM Friday-3 AM Saturday FORECAST Enterprise in action centers on what is appropriate for trends. As such everyone becomes a prognosticator and then a creator. ADVICE Please be sure to stay clear in your perceptions. Be ready for action! Moon Conjunct Mars


Saturday, April 6

1st of Five Days FORECAST The birth experience is relived; we feel as if squeezing through a tight opening. The pre-solar eclipse sensation also feels like a game of musical chairs. ADVICE Manage anxiety and do the best you can! By April 11th we will immerse in a new, easier gambit. New moon phase/pre-eclipse

2 AM-8 AM CDT FORECAST Serious and knowledgeable assessments bring a synopsis of current situations. It seems fitting to play by the rules. ADVICE Law-abiding behavior is favored including soul guidance, compassion, and sage wisdom. Moon Conjunct Saturn

2 PM-8 PM CDT FORECAST Emotions feel impacted by weather and bombarded by world news. ADVICE A sense of the zeitgeist—good and not so good—is personal because you feel it in your bones. Moon at perigee (closest to earth)


Sunday, April 7

2nd of Five Days FORECAST There’s a lot of non-specific angst out there and people are complaining which makes it even worse. This doom and gloom cloud will lift in a few days. ADVICE Engage in stress-reducing activity and be a beacon of positivity! New moon phase/pre eclipse

12:30 AM-6:30 AM CDT FORECAST Spiritual and psychic-themed events occur. Even for those not seeking them. ADVICE Many situations are freaky/awkward or some people are more sensitive than usual, so tread lightly and use empathy. Moon Conjunct Neptune

8:15 AM-2:15 PM CDT FORECAST Charm and diplomacy are helpful in romance and fundraising endeavors. ADVICE Use this timeframe to enhance love and money interests. Also favored are artful enhancements. Moon Conjunct Venus


Monday, April 8

5:15 AM-11:15 AM CDT FORECAST Pushing towards a greater good– i.e. benefits for all–would characterize the optimum current goal. ADVICE Widen your scope. Embrace the most benevolent plan both inwardly and out. Moon Conjunct Dharma node

3rd of Five Days FORECAST Here are presented positive upgrades, yet it’s not easy to integrate into the bigger picture or install into the working organism. ADVICE Resemble a person at the party who knows how to mingle or a performer who uses new props. Innovations can fit into the existing network just find the appropriate category, channels, and links. New moon phase contains a Solar Eclipse

6:30 PM Monday – 12:30 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST Scoping out past success and future pairings –as appropriate for hot topics –is a smart move. ADVICE Simultaneously maintain a retro-proto-mode. This is a neat trick and describes the situation exactly. Past & Future meet in the present tense. Moon Conjunct Mercury


Tuesday, April 9

4th of Five Days FORECAST The confrontational challenge has resolved a bit yet the trepidation present at paradigm shifts has a lingering presence. ADVICE Many people will vow to be the best possible version of themselves. Its as if a judgment day or audition is approaching. New moon phase/post eclipse

6:30 AM-12:30 PM CDT FORECAST Current altruistic programs display variations. Some are prudent; others are versatile, and others emphasize talent building. ADVICE No matter how much A humanitarian attitude is appealing as is a noble mission. Fit and reset as needed. Moon square Pluto

First of three days FORECAST Here is an identification of current maladies and then analysis can be done. .  It makes sense to be hopeful, and energized. ADVICE Treat the illness or problem by tapping into expert knowledge. Instigate the cure with a very realistic mindset Mars Conjunct Saturn


Wednesday, April 10

11:15 AM-5:15 PM CDT FORECAST Here’s some good fortune with or from inventions. Also included are math and science specialties. ADVICE Use an awestruck/enthusiastic attitude regarding discovery, but then put the useful components to work. Moon Conjunct Jupiter

Second of three days FORECAST Grinding away at issues or puzzles will eventually produce solutions. ADVICE Be tenacious and stay cool! Life resembles a psych ward, but its temporary. Mars Conjunct Saturn

2:15 PM-8:15 PM CDT FORECAST Expect bizarre events and synchronicity to impart interest and humor. In terms of work, there’s a focus on the most innovative or unique ideas imaginable. ADVICE Use free association, comedy, and irony to stimulate creativity. Moon Conjunct Uranus

5th of Five Days FORECAST Moods are a bit calmer but there remain big questions about leadership. The quandaries are how to get inspired and then sustain energy. ADVICE Keep going! Persistence pays off. New Moon Phase/post eclipse


 Thursday, April 11

All Day FORECAST We are prompted to review data and use conceptual framing from the April 8th eclipse. ADVICE Moving forward theme is a grand reset to mutual benefits. The community well-being is a priority. Sun Conjunct Mercury

Third of three days FORECAST Success is possible via serious planning. Careful actions are indicated even though there is strain or anxiety is felt. ADVICE Be realistic about what can be done, then do it. Mars Conjunct Saturn


Friday, April 12

6:30 AM-12:30 PM CDT FORECAST Jumping on two exciting projects is the impulse. ADVICE Be inspired! Use at least some traditional or classic elements as anchors and grounding. Moon square Saturn

8:45 AM-2:45 PM CDT FORECAST The impulse to race ahead could be questioned in terms of mission clarification. ADVICE Make it simple, use to-the-point language, and give examples. Moon square Mars


Saturday, April 13

6:45 AM-12:45 PM CDT FORECAST A wish to create awareness, an elevated mood, greater meaning is a complex endeavor. ADVICE Eliminate negative thoughts, set limits, and hold your ground. Naysayers, skeptics, and critics do not belong here except as a safety check. Moon square Neptune


Sunday, April 14

7:30 AM-1:30 PM CDT FORECAST Scintillating idea generators and vivid personalities will gain savvy to adjust their approach within each given situation. ADVICE A pervasive charm and charisma will pull a candidate through to the victory line. Moon square Venus

11:15 PM Sunday -5:15 AM Monday CDT FORECAST Contests and competitions are fierce; they also produce new talent combos. ADVICE Friendship findings could be the result of challenges. Ironically allies could be found even on opposite teams. Moon square Mercury


Monday, April 15

11:15 AM-5:15 PM CDT FORECAST Preliminary performances aka meetings of mind prepare participants. It’s time to offer help and tweaks on projects started in the last week or so. ADVICE Rehearsals are valuable at least for technical and timing purposes. Also, it helps to create a sounding board for all players! Moon square Sun

10:30 PM Monday –4:30 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST Strong personalities assert themselves within power or money-loaded arenas. ADVICE Ambitious people will arrange a strategy beforehand and enter into the situation with allies. Moon opposed Pluto


Tuesday, April 16

All Day FORECAST Flat, dull, or dissociative mood; there is a lack of connectivity. It is difficult to make things ‘click’. ADVICE Attend to routine matters. NO geometric relations between planets


Wednesday, April 17

12:15 PM-6:15 PM CDT FORECAST Charismatic leaders hit a learning curve. We all must travel far distances in space or concept. ADVICE Groups’ optimism and education projects will generate benefits. They make possible inspiration, ambitions, and means to create a better experience. Moon Square Jupiter

1:15 PM- 7:15 PM CDT FORECAST Instigators or initiators feel awkward around content creators or scientists. ADVICE Find a way to appreciate those with different skills and do a dance together or form a team with them. Moon square Uranus


Thursday, April 18

All Day FORECAST Retrospective flashbacks embody what’s appealing and correct for here and now. ADVICE Clever inventions start fads or resurrect classic styles. Mercury Conjunct Venus


Friday, April 19

2 PM- 8 PM CDT FORECAST A profound or innate sense of soulful direction is confirmed by wise sources. For example, an elder or authority gives valuable input. ADVICE It’s smart to partner with VIPs and experts. Moon opposed Saturn

5 AM-11 AM CDT FORECAST A remote viewing of past and future imparts both deep understanding and glamorous stories. ADVICE Go with intuition and adopt a clear picturing that is: method; strip out bias and personal preferences. Moon at Apogee (farthest from Earth)


Saturday, April 20

3 AM-9 AM CDT FORECAST The current assignment now is to breathe deep and find healing in nature’s beauty. This provides a calmer demeanor in irritable scenes ADVICE One’s own body is the means of receptivity. There are lots of challenging factors including stage fright or performance anxiety, so get a ‘running start’! Moon opposed Mars

4:15 PM-10:15 PM CDT FORECAST It takes a heavy anchor to rest safely in the dock during the psychic storm. Alternately, spiritual fireworks manifest as theatrical social interactions or vivid dreams. ADVICE This is high tide, so be sure you get enough sleep and use spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation. Moon opposed Neptune

All Day / All Week FORECAST Here’s a great occurrence that brings windfalls, inventions, and enthusiasm. ADVICE It’s an exciting week to say the least! Take note of opportunities offered and use them ASAP. Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

First of five days FORECAST Participants can use many skills, synthesize them for success, and make a pretty picture too. Operative features are friendship, glamour, virtue, and intrigue. ADVICE Identify and enhance the cultural resources available. Then define the institutional playing ground. Full Moon Phase


Sunday, April 21

All Day FORECAST An explanation of a current situation’s main features is available. For example: ranking. ADVICE Seek out info on pecking order and estimate the chain of command. Also useful is a serving of options, strategies, and flexible attitudes. Sun square Pluto


Monday, April 22

All Day FORECAST Lots of scores and feedback tell each person and how they stand with friends, family, and community. ADVICE Even if ratings are combined with criticism it’s good to know which items are up to date. ‘How-to’ lessons are welcome also. Moon Conjunct Karma node

Second of five days FORECAST Part of the up-tempo /current show is to point out what needs to evolve via interesting stories and examples. ADVICE Topics of money, psychology, and sexuality could be especially significant and controversial. Full Moon Phase

4:15 AM-10:15 AM CDT FORECAST A review of pressing topics or info on remote or distant cultural events is important. ADVICE Great meaning and importance are emerging especially regarding engineering, survival, and cultural classics. Issues of health versus cynicism arise. Moon opposed Mercury


Tuesday, April 23

3:15 PM-9:15 PM CDT FORECAST Feminine traits bring new views of the subject. Helpful ideas emphasize value and good points.   ADVICE It is smart to accentuate the positive use of intuition and nurturing; these are female inclination but also seen in males. Moon opposed Venus

Third of five days peak day/night FORECAST A very intense day calls for diplomacy, social outreach, and generosity. ADVICE Dramatic moods and exciting events will occur so be ready to participate. Deep emotions and feelings will surface and special virtues allow you to be a better person. Full Moon Phase

11:30 AM-5:30 PM CDT FORECAST  Specific examples will be needed to educate or upgrade. Also in demand are lessons on how to augment, develop, or cut. ADVICE Hierarchy, chain of command or ranking are key operative concepts in plans and paradigms. Moon square Pluto


Wednesday, April 24

Fourth of five days FORECAST Events seem fraught with politics and controversy. Emerging inspiration comes out about what are your best assets and how to use them. ADVICE Plan to give support and help allies as much as possible. This is prime time for spring festivals so enjoy them while you can. Even if you’re not in the mood to mingle you can find something to appreciate and its good therapy to be friendly. Full Moon Phase

2:30 AM-8:30 AM CDT FORECAST A rush hour for omens and a wealth of meaningful coincidences keeps things interesting. ADVICE A good detective attitude and a sense of humor help a lot. Moon opposed Uranus

Fifth of five days FORECAST Events lists are still seeing vibrant times and behavior is overactive due to the bright moon. ADVICE Modesty –even in the face of great beauty –is wise also virtue is an excellent marketing or promotional tool.  Full Moon Phase

4 AM-10 AM CDT FORECAST Shamanic practices include banishing evil, chilling out bad thoughts, or correcting non-magical behavior. ADVICE This easily turns into a sport or game. Above all, education and an optimistic mindset provide renewal. Moon opposed Jupiter


Thursday, April 25

8 AM CDT FORECAST Friendly personality traits could assist the turnaround perfecting performance or intellectual strength. When scintillating, charismatic energy is transmitted it will promote ideas and products too. ADVICE Gather inspiration from the Zeitgeist aka the prime interests of current times. Mercury appears to station returns to pro grade motion


Friday, April 26

All Day FORECAST A flat, dull or distanced mood prevails. ADVICE Focus on the small things that can easily be done; maintenance, organizing, and cleaning. No  geometric relations between planets


Saturday, April 27

12:15 AM-6:15 AM CDT FORECAST  Here’s an urgency to fix, heal, or rejuvenate heroically. ADVICE This may need solid tools and skills to back it up. Ask an experienced person for input about what to do. Moon square Saturn

First of three days FORECAST A volatile imagination shows virile and feisty traits. At times this is perhaps pushing too much. ADVICE Receive valid inspiration, but cover weak spots, dwell in a safe zone, and use empathy. Mars Conjunct Neptune

10:15 PM Saturday – 4:15 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Extra energy is needed so optimum preparation is too. ADVICE This would include exercise, good nutrition, and enough sleep. In other words, it is wise to be health asset-loaded. Moon square Mars


Sunday, April 28

11:30 PM Sunday -5:30 AM Monday CDT FORECAST There’s interference that can be eliminated through concentration or focus. ADVICE Avoid shady deals, and steer clear of nefarious people. Shun intoxicants since this is not a time to be dizzy! Moon square Neptune

Second of three days FORECAST Extra inspiration generates art and helps with a resilient psyche. ADVICE However, discipline and clarification about thinking are helpful. Also navigating skills are needed. Mars Conjunct Neptune


Monday, April 29

7:45 AM- 1:45 PM CDT FORECAST Local legends combine a complex idea pool yet the stories are endearing. The audience comes in with a short attention span. ADVICE The message is best presented as moral and plots may need simplification. Moon square Mercury

Third of three days FORECAST A foggy or sleepy mood is poetic and interesting but may slow progress. ADVICE Use safety precautions, avoid clutter, and keep a clear mind/strong body. Mars Conjunct Neptune


Tuesday, April 30

10 AM-4 PM CDT FORECAST Altruistic motives can impress judges and people possessing rich sources. An appeal to donors for funding focused on ‘deep pockets’ is in progress. ADVICE Charitable people and humanitarians are a good addition to the formula. Givers are in great demand, but misers are not. Moon square Venus

11 AM-5 PM CDT FORECAST This is the most strategic or coercive time of the month. It carries with it ample etiquette specs. ADVICE Follow protocol guidelines; be gracious and creative. These processes bring benefits on many levels. Moon Conjunct Pluto

All Day FORECAST Romance, art, or money passions could be contrary to the system or violate some traditions. ADVICE For the most part its okay to go with powerful impulse, but check the potential long-term effects first. Venus square Pluto


Wednesday, May 1

3:30 AM-9:30 AM CDT FORECAST We are all gathering assets, products, and results from the deeds of the last three weeks. This is especially revealing in terms of intake procedure as effective or not. ADVICE Future investments are made regarding what is impacting health status and wisdom development. A mix of tradition and innovation is suitable. Moon square Sun

10 PM Wednesday-4 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Lucky options and miscellaneous good fortune can be tweaked in order to mix or function better. ADVICE Counter indicators display what is not working! Check that so you know what to discard. Moon square Uranus

1:30 AM-7:30 AM CDT FORECAST Coaxing innovations into the mainstream is smart despite quirky or awkward points. ADVICE A glossary, list, or instruction on basic science or technology is helpful and productive. Moon square Jupiter


Thursday, May 2

All Day FORECAST Many of us are grinding away the outer crust to get to the true inner gold. The point that true essence can be tapped provides some psyche relief. Yet it’s hard to relax. ADVICE Use yoga, prayer, positive affirmations, and deep breathing to get through this high-pressure timeframe. Pluto stationary turns to retrograde motion


Friday, May 3

3 PM-9 PM CDT FORECAST The mood is serious. People with sophisticated traits are favored. However, spiritual/soulful enlightenment is desired in one’s own circle and beyond. ADVICE Consult experts or elders. Those with profound, deep, and meaningful experiences are valuable. Their memories shed light on the topics plaguing us. Moon Conjunct Saturn


Saturday, May 4

10 AM-4 PM CDT FORECAST Here’s a rating about the world’s capacity for compassion from a human position. Perhaps there is a consensus in demographic pockets only. ADVICE You may get a reasonable sense of what is happening in your own life and in the news. This could help you plan spiritual development for the next few years.  Moon Conjunct Neptune

6:15 PM Saturday-12:15 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Entrepreneurial and pioneering projects come forth from commitments powered by courage. ADVICE Some physical exercise or training before or after is smart. Moon Conjunct Mars


Sunday, May 5  

First of five days FORECAST Gearing up for intake strategies regarding cash flow and/or nutrition are topics that rank high on the list. ADVICE Opt for good health-sustaining habits and supportive relationships. New moon phase


 Highlights for May 2024

May 5-9 FORECAST Everyone is excited about new science and technology options but this verges on mania. ADVICE Best to remain open yet calm! New moon phase

May 11-21 FORECAST Events and emerging trends are the triggers for optimism and accent the dawning cultural renaissance. The opportunities arising now are among the best in a lifetime. ADVICE Fit in and contribute when and where you can as is fitting. However, mania is in excess and tricky! Sun conjunct Uranus & Jupiter

May 21-25 FORECAST An exam of close /long-term (seemingly destined) relationships. ADVICE Exert a preference for powerful people and important groups. Full Moon Phase


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