April 2023



By Victoria Martin






April 2023 Highlights

April 4-8 FORECAST Conditions are semi-dramatic but fairly easy to manage. ADVICE This may be an excellent time to let off steam in a fun, safe manner! Full Moon Phase


April 17-21 FORECAST Here is a great sense of enterprise, joy, and adventure in the wind. ADVICE Optimism can be applied as soon as the proper strategy is installed! New Moon Phase conjunct Jupiter and square Pluto contains a solar eclipse April 19


April 21-May 14 FORECAST Here is an option to revisit rich information sources and know what ideas are important to a better life. ADVICE Then it may make sense to regulate or adjust information flow especially intake. Good for those born when Mercury was in retrograde! Mercury stationery on Apr 21 moves retrograde till May 14th




Sunday, April 2

8:45 AM-2:45 PM CDT FORECAST Testy times are good teachers. We can transform despair into triumph. ADVICE An astute performance sharpens skills. Super- friendly, poised, and polite is the way to go even if others are aloof or rude. Moon Opposed Saturn


Monday, April 3

First of Five Days FORECAST A treasure hunt holds interesting stories. Detours are more complex than anticipated. ADVICE This episode provides a showcase for talents but also distractions. Full Moon Phase


All Day FORECAST Resources found now are fascinating yet the information is puzzling. ADVICE New ideas and data get immersed into power networks, secret realms, and trade secrets. Mercury square Pluto


Tuesday, April 4

Second of Five Days FORECAST An active social life stimulates the imagination and builds self-esteem. Amazing opportunities pop up. ADVICE Many new options are worth developing especially if widely beneficial. Full Moon Phase


4:45 AM- 10:45 AM CDT FORECAST Psychic impressions are vivid and dream notation is a must. ADVICE Use creative acts, improvisation imagination, visualization, and a flow of consciousness. Then pick the best to act on or manifest. Moon Opposed Neptune


11:15 PM Tuesday -5:15 AM Wednesday, CDT FORECAST A charming, yet educated orientation. Well-formed/ thought-out ideas come to the forefront ADVICE This can be upgraded via show biz enthusiasm and/or special media effects. Moon square Mars


Wednesday, April 5

Third of Five Days FORECAST This is a peak day for socializing, team efforts, and romance. ADVICE Mutual respect for each person’s individuality—vividly demonstrated–will improve general success potential. Full Moon Peak day


Thursday, April 6

Fourth of Five Days FORECAST Touching base with the herd, clan, or tribe brings extra confidence. Also featured are good ideas for projects and tickets to adventures. ADVICE Take advantage of worthwhile offers that fit in/resonate with your vision. Full Moon Phase


Friday, April 7

7 AM-1 PM CDT FORECAST Karma catches up: the results from past deeds– positive and negative– are obvious.  ADVICE Use evidential guidance and be realistic regarding maintenance, debts, and deficits. Moon Conjunct Karma Node


Fifth of Five Days FORECAST Ongoing dramas can become good stories. Also on display are survival skills and engineering talents. ADVICE Popular exhibits borrow from embedded lessons or infused cultural standards. Full Moon Phase


Saturday, April 8

5 AM-11 AM CDT FORECAST Surprise developments instruct commerce and clarify legal situations. ADVICE Something unique is good, but bizarre may be too far out! Use ingenuity and humor. Moon Opposed Uranus


Sunday, April 9

12 AM-6 AM CDT FORECAST New ways to meet and develop friendships are at hand. ADVICE Be ready to participate in social options. Use a bit of drama and set up staging, props, and costumes as appropriate. Moon Opposed Venus


10:15 AM-4:15 PM CDT FORECAST Long-term relationships and individual commitments expand or compress. This is to accommodate code or specs in the situation at hand. ADVICE Investigate the nature of ambitions. Contrast or analyze the effectiveness of spiritual practices via active listening. Moon square Saturn



Monday, April 10

1 of 3 Days FORECAST Good fortune arrives in the guise of people, resources, or projects. ADVICE The clues at the point of opportunity dictates immediate input, development, and engagement. Sun Conjunct Jupiter


Tuesday, April 11

2 of 3 Days FORECAST Here is a great sense of joy, prosperity, and optimism influx. ADVICE Monitor developments and take note as new conditions unfold. Select the most viable and potentially fortunate options. Sun Conjunct Jupiter


Wednesday, April 12

3 of 3 Days FORECAST Assignments lead to laboratory works or studio time. Slow cooking may be needed. Viable offers ask you to create and conjure or join contrasting elements. ADVICE Produce samples/evidence and show them around. The most favorable inclinations are led by inner light, good spirits, and imagination. For example, former competitors become friends. Sun Conjunct Jupiter


Thursday, April 13

12:15 AM-6:15 AM CDT FORECAST Results from the last three weeks’ activities dictate that it is time for a semi-final cut. Decisions determine the value and show the keepers. ADVICE Loading the harvest bounty into storehouses is a smart action/response. The goals for the month ahead are timely too. Moon square Sun Last quarter Moon rises at Midnight


2:15 PM-6:15 PM CDT FORECAST Here is the monthly check-in to see who has the best fame, money, and power strategies. ADVICE High-level specs for sophistication, versatility, and health are examined. Moon Conjunct Pluto


Friday, April 14

All Day FORECAST Current scenes are like a waiting game turning into a fairy tale. Also, talent shows double as planning sessions for individual futures. ADVICE It is a golden time! With effort paradise scenes, optimum success outcomes, and happiness are possible. Venus square Saturn


10:15 AM-4:15 PM CDT FORECAST Here’s a focus on wisdom development assisted by role models and good, strategic examples. ADVICE Maintain focus via auto-mental commands, visual symbols, and/or special sounds. Moon square Mercury


5 PM 11 PM CDT FORECAST We are reconfiguring into a new, fresh idea or novel presentation mode. This includes something unusual but a dressed-up version. ADVICE Tempered, jazzy, or alchemical is good working concepts here.  Aim production towards appeal and/or use universal symbols to excite the psyche and soul. Moon square Uranus


Saturday, April 15

9 PM Saturday- 3 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST The dominant mood now is a serious one yet open to mystique and glamour. In focus are the merits of paradise building and the good life in general. ADVICE Assembling with idealist groups or utopian communities is favored. Also, supporting benevolent leaders is progressive. Moon Conjunct Saturn


Sunday, April 16

12 PM-6 AM CDT FORECAST Absolute magic and/or mysticism take another leap to encompass hip styles as well as meaning. ADVICE it is possible–and advantageous– to add more beautiful, lovely, and joyful elements to the plans and actions mix. Moon square Venus


Monday, April 17

First of Five Days FORECAST Momentous, positive change, and simple upgrades are in the offing. ADVICE On the menu is smart options backed by each person’s wish to do his or her best. The prime aim is to enhance community, improve relationships, or enrich the domestic scene. New Moon Phase


10 AM-4 PM CDT FORECAST Current events are imagination-driven or dreamy/ Actions could be visionary or spiritually inspired. If distilled and purified they are appealing and useful. ADVICE An aim towards transcendent –yet utilitarian– are optimum as a combo/synthesis. Moon Conjunct Neptune


Tuesday, April 18

Second of Five Days FORECAST Matching up with people with opposite skill sets or meshing contrasting talents is a thrill happening now. ADVICE Seek opportunities that fulfill wished-for, unique aesthetic manifestations. Also, enrich personal abilities/talents. New Moon Phase

12:15 PM-6:15 PM CDT FORECAST Mental visions of the next move pair well with an embodied plan. Dance lessons, martial arts, or physical strength gains are examples. ADVICE Add friendliness and charismatic touches to inspire good relations and soften actions. Moon square Mars



Wednesday, April 19

8:30 AM-2:30 PM CDT FORECAST Here’s a bountiful episode with progressive potential! Promises of fun and invitations to creative output are draws. ADVICE Entertain the influx of offers gained at events during this fortunate time. They can advance individual agendas and benefit pet projects. Moon Conjunct Jupiter


Third of Five Days FORECAST This is likely to be an emotionally intense day. Many people feel a do-or-die mindset. This solar eclipse could bring moods and works that are temporarily challenging especially for men. ADVICE Be alert and ambitious but also non-critical. Encourage talents in self and others. New Moon Phase solar eclipse visible from Australia


8 PM Wednesday -2 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Access to resources is provided and some are profound or valuable. A mood of harmony and unity are helpful factors.  ADVICE How to use raw materials and adapt to sophisticated scenes is controversial.  Context and prevailing interpersonal politics are potent. Be aware of who owes whom and what is owed. Rate profits or debts and be sure to restate the mission. Moon square Pluto;



Thursday, April 20

2:30 AM-8:30 AM CDT FORECAST The quest to max benefits and high-quality output is smart. ADVICE Manifest work that brings the truth, beauty, and goodness is optimum. Small motions morph into big effects. Moon Conjunct Dharma Node


All Day FORECAST An exam of the prevailing mood, political tide, and inner psyche provide boundaries. Financial realities are another important topic or concern. ADVICE Work within the system, use realistic schedules and respect hierarchies. Sun square Pluto


11 PM Thursday-5 AM Friday CDT FORECAST Checking in with intellectual goals, relevant ideas, mental skill sets, and media specs. Research and information paradigms are helpers. ADVICE Use of human-interest stories is favored. Those bios of figureheads, mascots, icons, or leaders are historic but add a personal note. Moon Conjunct Mercury


Friday, April 21

2:30 AM CDT FORECAST A media marathon mode episode is phasing in now –-and in effect for three weeks—till May 14. This episode asks all of us to be jugglers and multi-taskers with extra stamina. ADVICE Innovation is a plus. Simultaneous use of past and future factors is a brain booster and an inspiration. Mercury Retrograde till May 14


3 AM-9 AM CDT FORECAST The most eccentric mood of the month is one with unusual presentation mode preferences. These are conducive to outside-the-box revelations, climaxes, and breakthroughs. ADVICE Have fun with friends and feed your sense of humor. Think futurist but include the pro-human factors that could be lacking. Moon Conjunct Uranus

Saturday, April 22

10 AM-4 PM CDT FORECAST Creative acts and performances aim for high quality. It seems natural to show/project serious yet joyful elements! ADVICE Appealing events may initially lack virtues or basic moral foundations, so add those ASAP. Moon square Saturn


Sunday, April 23

2:45 AM-9:45 AM CDT FORECAST Noble deeds—big or small—gain strength or popular missions are favored. It is possible to gain support and add great ideas for enthusiasm. ADVICE Romance, arts, and harmony are sweeteners. Mutual goals find footing via celebrity participation.  The presence of ambitious folks or fun people is correct. Moon Conjunct Venus


Monday, April 24

2:15 AM-9:15 AM CDT FORECAST Confidence felt at the starting gate or contest launch may be sustained. ADVICE Be aware of subtle factors but also embrace potent systems. Use tools from science, spirituality, and aesthetics. Moon square Neptune


Tuesday, April 25

6 PM Tuesday- 12 AM Wednesday CDT FORECAST Unusual, captivating projects, and adventures verge on the miraculous. Novel ideas are moving into embodiment. ADVICE Small actions–well formed and smart-aimed — create big effects. This is especially true if done with love and finesse. Moon Conjunct Mars


12 PM-6 PM CDT FORECAST Competitive situations can be amusing and educational. ADVICE Lessons in luck show both sides: successes and mistakes. ADVICE Pithy wisdom bits can transcend entertainment. It is best if framed in a well-spoken and timely manner. Moon square Jupiter



Thursday, April 27

12:15 PM-6:15 PM CDT FORECAST We are all making choices regarding how to build on recent new starts. Important products or results will appear at the full moon. ADVICE Surveys favor projects containing historical references, pageantry, fun, and group appeal. Moon square Sun first quarter moon visible at sky zenith during sunset


Friday, April 28

12:45 AM-6:45 AM CDT FORECAST Theater plays and parades make use of traditional or holiday themes. Seasonal celebrations and make use of figureheads, icons, and colors. ADVICE Visual branding, strategies, or symbols that resonate. Tracking both future and past sightings simultaneously is powerful. Moon square Mercury Retrograde


10:30 AM- 4:30 PM CDT FORECAST Charismatic leaders, torchbearers, and stellar role models are crucial players. Talent factors influence outcomes here and now. ADVICE. The best bet is to utilize humor or pleasant surprises to gain attention. Moon square Uranus


Saturday, April 29

8:45 PM Saturday -2:45 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Expectations are for disciplined, classic, respectful behavior. ADVICE Display a high level of sophistication. It is best flavored to fit with current scenes. It’s a case-by-case matter, so have lots of tricks handy. Moon Opposed Saturn


Sunday, April 30

7 AM-4 PM CDT FORECAST Most situations and moods promote what is well and good. There is much cause for gratitude. ADVICE This is an island of peace to use for rest and contemplation. Note what is owed and how to keep up with maintenance needs. Moon trine Sun



Monday, May 1

8:30 AM-2:30 PM CDT FORECAST Background staging is glorious and the extra work to produce and maintain that perfected state is appreciated. ADVICE High quality, admirable, and engaging heroes and heroines are worth attention so put them in front. Moon square Venus


All Day FORECAST Pending hot ideas and needed notions are clarified prospects or retrospectives. ADVICE Wide perspectives are helpful, but narrow or selfish mindsets are not. Sun Conjunct Mercury retrograde


3 PM-9 PM CDT FORECAST The almighty; overarching powers of nature are foremost. ADVICE Know the full spectrum of the natural material world: chemistry, biology, ecology, and physics. All are optimum for truth-telling as needed. Moon Opposed Neptune


May 1-5 FORECAST Rumblings of evolution/change and awe could distract away from the joy of the season. ADVICE Appreciate and respect the off-harmony moments and warnings as they serve to stimulate preparations. Pre-Lunar Eclipse indicators


Highlights May-mid June 2023

May 3-7 FORECAST How many new spins could science and technology provide?  Legal and commercial experts want to know. A lot of mania and a bit of fatigue set in. ADVICE Balance between the new futurists and the sophisticated, 21st century synthesis; that does the trick. Full Moon Phase contains a Lunar eclipse May 5 (Sun is conjunct Uranus)

May 10-24 FORECAST The big challenge of the year is to hold onto power and continue to do what you do best. ADVICE  To keep things interesting, think outside the box for maximizing luck and education. Jupiter square Pluto @ ALTAIR the eagle-star

May 19-24 FORECAST Sharp minds/Clever people examine altruism and history as appropriate to current projects. ADVICE  Acknowledge the competition use methods that are appealing, sustainable, and virtuous. Mars opposed Pluto Square Jupiter

May 17-21 FORECAST The preponderance of narcissism or crimes of passion are in need of fixing. Self-preservation includes turning the tables on selfish people or reversing a bad situation. ADVICE There’s a focus on developing talents as therapy or an antidote for tragic flaws. Also useful is the hero who rises above challenging childhood episodes. New Moon Phase @ star Al Gol: the spook

June 1-5 FORECAST News or events activate inner turmoil. Some people are torn between conflicting options or confused by opposite interests. ADVICE Be part of the shamanic healing solution. Use dreams, traditional remedies, and community gatherings as cures.  Full Moon Phase Square Saturn

June 16-20 FORECAST Potent, imposing personalities –and the sheer force of a noble mission– are compelling. ADVICE Do not be intimidated unless a retreat is the best option. Hold your ground! New Moon Phase square Neptune

June 17-November 4 FORECAST Trendsetters and zeitgeist analysts are on the record. ADVICE Future prognoses and predictions–especially those recommendations for the good life covering the next 5 months– will be revisited/accountable, so frame them properly. Saturn stationary begins retrograde motion till nov 4

June 25-27 FORECAST Leaders appear confident even though elite group opinion/support is shifting/evolving. ADVICE Groups characterized as elite, expert, or specialty have the new/current version of truth so it’s smart to check with their conclusions on trends in resources, tools and money. Mars Square Uranus


Highlights July

July 1-5 FORECAST A heightened public excitement calls forth a new take on traditional/folkloric traditions/legends. ADVICE New champions of freedom and altruism emerge. Some heroes of the past may no longer fit the current national ethos and get phased out.  Full Moon Phase

July 15-19 FORECAST Remembering the plague years can grant gratitude or impart a sobering perspective. ADVICE Survival and media savvy/ digital dexterity mind set.  New Moon Phase opposed Pluto

July 18-21 FORECAST Gritty circumstances bring on extra duties, will benefit from expert analysis and invoke teamwork, direction seeking, and survivalist response.  ADVICE Conditions call for dedication to work as well as a disciplined mind and body.  Mars opposed Saturn

July 20-22 FORECAST Partnerships and publicity/media-based fame get a tight squeeze so both are revised. ADVICE Flexibility and sophistication as well as human psychology insights serve well to maintain a good reputation. Sun opposed Pluto

July 22- September 3 FORECAST Great leaders, grand thinkers, and celeb scientists gain recognition and popularity. ADVICE It is likely that noteworthy people will become event organizers or pageants are created depicting their story /route to glory. Venus is Stationary Jul 22 then retrograde till Sept 3