By Nick Wilder


In December, 2019 I flew to southern Argentina and crossed Drake’s Passage to Antarctica.  It was an eye opening trip to a beautiful and exotic world I’d never seen.  I planned another trip to the far south this March.  This time the main attraction was to be South Georgia Island known as the site of Shakelton’s grave and millions of penguins.  A month before our scheduled trip I received notification that the highly contagious bird flu had been discovered on South Georgia and our trip was rerouted back to Antarctica.  My second trip to Antarctica was somewhat of a letdown with shorter days, less snow and fewer whales.  However, we visited abandoned whaling villages and spent two nights in the Falkland Islands.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the heat of Buenos Aires to the bleak beauty of a land that sometimes looks like photos of the Martian surface.

The tango dancers performing outdoors in Buenos Aires are really talented!

Zodiac boats shuttle us ashore from the ship

A few of our guides

King Penguins

Adelie penguins on an iceberg

Our captain breaks open a bottle of champagne

Enjoying alfresco dining in Antarctica

Passenger pics

Orca whales

Deception Island, site of an abandoned whaling village

Old whale oil storage tanks

View from inside a tank

Another view from inside a tank

Observing penguins on the Falklands



Owner of sheep shearing station in the Falklands

A guanaco (related to llamas)

Trying to hold onto a sheep and fend of a guanaco

Walking along a rocky beach with seals