All Together Now



By Michelle Crowe





 Arnold Scaasi and social swans of the 1980s prove that exuberant self-expression is timeless – and so is leopard print.


Over the years, we’ve professed our love for enduring styles including plaid, winter florals and leopard-as-a-neutral. Not to mention Fair Isle knits, bright, vibrant red and jaunty stripes. What fun it is to have them all come together in a joyous riot of mixed patterns that just feels right for the festive season.


Gianni Versace backstage with a gaggle of supermodels. Perhaps an archival shot that inspired Michael Kors in more ways than one?


Michael Kors fall collection is the sneaky success we all need and the most obvious example of mash-up looks to love. What at first was viewed by some as trying just a smidge too hard now feels like the greatest hits grouping we all need.


Michael Kors Fall 2018.


MK’s reliable favorites are all there, they were just buried in the riotous runway styling. The plaid you only wear once a year but love as much as your daily driver charcoal grey is there. The boots that turn heads are there. Dubbed an ode to individual style, it’s a big bold salute to the best of everything.

The holiday season is so inherently nostalgic that it just feels right to choose familiar pieces that make a real statement. After all, some things are nearly guaranteed to bring smiles to faces of fellow revelers like a reliable pair of plaid pants, a girl in a rose-patterned dress or a lively red blouse.


Shalom Harlow walks the runway in Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis. A version of this eclectic look is available once again in Marc’s Grunge Redux collection.


Those might reference the 80s or 90s, both in the spotlight right now, likely because the former and the first half of the later were so great for personal expression. Or they might call to mind any other fashion era. When anything goes, style is what you make it.


Bold style looks best with a simple approach to beauty a la Veronica Lake. 


Wear what you love this festive season. Preferably with a leopard boot, Veronica Lake hair and a beautiful red lip.