A Stanley Paul Tribute

Honoring Mary Ann Rose and Heinz Kern


Host Stanley Paul with Mary Ann and Heinz.

Once again, the Stanley Paul-Raelene Mittelman Scholarship Benefit saluted a popular Chicago couple. This year, the honorees were events producer Mary Ann Rose and her husband, longtime hotelier Heinz Kern; the toastmaster was television personality Laura Schwartz. The festive evening, which provides fashion design scholarships to students from the greater Chicago area, is a good-natured roast held annually at a private Streeterville club.


Columnist Ann Gerber, seated, Stanley Paul’s niece Joanie Legittino, Sherrill Bodine and Mamie Walton.
Laura Schwartz, John Reilly and Andrea Schwartz.
John Bodine, left, with Ralph and Helen Applegate. IMG_8164-HiRes
In the lobby, Cynthia Olson, left, shares a joke with Heinz and Mary Ann.
Kelley Butler, Patrick Donelly, Mary Ann and Heinz, Grant DePorter, Margaret O’Connor, Stanley Paul and Laura Schwartz.
George Jewell, Nena Ivon and Ken Norgan. 


Arny Granat, Irene Michaels, Mary Ann and Heinz, Stanley Paul, Kristin Barnette McCarthy and Gary McCarthy.
Stanley Paul and Mamie Walton.


Photo Credit:

Francis Son