A Romp – the Gold Coast Christmas Decorations

By Jill Lowe






Well – MOSTLY Gold Coast but with a nod to further afield too. This festival of lights brings such creativity and flair. From the exquisitely clever decorations executed by designers to more perfunctory sightings, all strive to celebrate the season.

Poinsettias abound: mostly red, but at the Lincoln Park Conservatory we can see other color

Combining a visit to the Conservatory with a “zoo lights” visit makes for a stirring walk through the twinkling winter wonderland. With most of the animals in bed for the night (save the sea otters), the zoo lights are coordinated with music and is a simply delightful scene for all ages. The lights look amazing with 3D glasses, sometimes available at the zoo. Do get tickets and there are free nights this year too. Check at lpzoo.org.

Have a go on the Carousel at the zoo: it’s not just for children!

In our neighborhood, wreaths with gorgeous ribbons adorning the fragrant greens, berries and other leaves. Colors are MOSTLY red, green, silver and gold

Farther afield we see an Australian Christmas “Wreath”

Colorful rosellas form a “wreath” at Lamington National Park, Qld., Australia. Photo :Matthew Watt

Poinsettia are displayed all over North America at Christmas, but more popular in Australia are their native plants and flowers. Flowering gum blossom (Corymbia Ficifolia) is enormously popular as is the Australian Christmas Bush (Ceratopetalum Gummiferum)

Flowering gum blossom : Photo Sally Ellick

Christmas Bush :Photo license with Shutterstock

Photo license with Shutterstock

Christmas Bells (Blandfordia Nobilis) mostly on East coast of Australia.

Such designers in Chicago as that consummate harbinger of exquisite taste and flair : Todd Schwebel, designs for both inside and outside installations.

Todd Schwebel design and photo for indoors

Wendy Sissons in Canada uses shiny red balls with Stargazer lilies for an impactful design

Wendy Sissons design and photo

Santa sightings occur! Do watch out!

Santa: seen recently Cologne Germany

These candy apples were seen in the Christkindlmarket in Cologne, Germany

In our neighborhood, the planters – some lit, ornaments and decorated trees delight us all. These decorations form part of the seasonal rhythm of the Gold Coast

Nutcrackers are featured.

Lightings are projected on background walls-simply enchanting

Doorways and entrances are very welcoming and festive

Todd Schwebel designs and photos

Some individual houses also decorate and light the parkway trees and planters

How beautiful are the reindeer!

This fellow takes the CAKE!

Photo of Jill : Joe Mazza Bravelux inc.
Photos not attributed- copyright © 2021 Jill Lowe. All rights reserved