A Legend Like No Other





By Michelle Crowe


An invitation and a tribute to the Duchess of DuPage.


What will you wear to pay tribute to Heavenly Hazel? I think a white pantsuit was her most iconic look, and a linen version will be both smashing and cool. Of course Hazel never let a little thing like weather affect her. Whether the weatherman reported it was 95 degrees and humid or five below zero outside, the lady was impeccable. No exceptions.


This gorgeous Lanvin suit from the Resort 2018 collection would not have met Hazel’s tailoring standards, but the idea is solid.


My very favorite Hazel story took place during a small lunch for Nan Kempner the day before she spoke to a large group at the Casino. Bunky Cushing, whom we all miss so much, had arranged for Nan to come to Chicago. This was just a little warm-up so that our esteemed guest would have a few familiar faces and, if I’m being brutally honest, for us to write magazine stories.


Hazel could have worn this sequined Fall 2018 Michael Kors like no one else.


Hazel was running a bit late as she had injured her foot and had a walking boot-type cast and a fabulous cane. She approached the table and as everyone looked up in greeting, tossed her scarf over one shoulder and declared, “Well, one legend meets another.”

It was brilliant.

She was brilliant. A shining star in a sea of admirers. I adored her devotion to glamour. She loved fur, and big jewels, and red lipstick, which only made sense as I never saw the lady with anything but a smile on her face.


A very Hazel Pamela Roland from Fall 2018.


That’s how I’ll remember her always, smiling, greeting everyone, and saying, “Let’s take a picture.” She was Auntie Mame with an extraordinary gift for philanthropy.

From a style point of view, Hazel knew what worked and stuck to long, lean lines that showed off her trim physique and made her instantly recognizable. Not that there was any real need for the sartorial reinforcement. She was, after all, a legend.


Our favorite philanthropist could pull off bold looks like this Fall 2018 Carolina Herrera.