A Cool Yule

      The Service Club Holiday Lunch





By Megan McKinney



Lezley Hodes and Karen Peters were co-chairs of A Cool Yule, the  annual Service Club Holiday Lunch.

And you thought the holiday season was over.  Done. Kaput. History. Well, you were absolutely correct; however we decided these images we so special we’ve been hiding them to spring on viewers when they are most vulnerable, simply to prove that life is full of mystery and wonder–but also certainty.   

Incoming Service Club President Jean Antoniou and current President Sherrill Bodine

 The Service Club of Chicago’s A Cool Yule was celebrated a month ago yesterday, opening a classic entry into the festive season. It began under the Great Tree in Cathedral Hall of the stately University Club, where Service Club members and guests enjoyed Holiday carols and shopped for surprising gifts from local vendors.  

 Gibson’s  Kathy Piccone and Laurie Davis

Myra Reilly and Debi Catenacci

Michelle Delaney, Michelle Dietzler Dermenjian and Susie Arnold

Holly Barr and Joanie Lewis

Agnes Malorney,  Simona Garcia and Cristina Montgomery

Denise Tomasello, Sally Jo Pfaff, Lauren Lein Cavanaugh and Bethany Florek

Suzette Gilchrist,  Marcia Northrup LaBarge and Stacy Ditka

Shelly Perkowski and Sharyl Mackey

Kristine Kinder and Arnold Schili

Judy Gibbons and Marchesa’s Nikki Friar

Elyse  Kennard and April Schwartz

Theresa Marie Patras, Melinda Herron, Marissa Cecotti-Winkler and Yvonne Fitgibbon

Sherry Abrahams, Whitney Reynolds and Ann Sherrill

The Langham’s Shaun Rajah and designer Al Menotti

Kathleen Haines-Finley and Julia Jacobs

Elizabeth Bertucci surrounded by furs

Angelic Margaret Wenzel

Sherry Lea Holson leading her table in the sing-a-long with Mark Olley’s help


Photo Credit: John Reilly Photography

Edited by Amanda K. O’Brien