A Cause for Sweetness



By Adrian Naves





Once Thanksgiving Day ends, the spirit of the holidays starts to stir up the soul. All the winter commotions of icy winds and snow, conjures up a cozy and warm fireplace with a hot cup of coffee…and of course some warm freshly baked cookies. This helped setup a journey to find a bakery known for their cookies.



Then I caught wind of a new bakery setting up shop in Chicago. Levain Bakery is famous for their freshly baked crispy and gooey cookies, which has gained them a cult like following, have opened their first store in Chicago on November 19. They have locations in New York, D.C., and Boston, but New York is where Levain Bakery first began. According to an article by BlockClubChicago.org, Levain Bakery donated all of their opening day earnings to L.Y.T.E. Collective, an organization that helps young adults affected by homelessness poverty.



Levain’s cookie offerings had some traditional cookies like chocolate chip, walnut chocolate chip, and chocolate peanut butter to name a few, all with a unique spin to them and that is stuffed with some gooey goodness. One of the seasonal offerings is a dark chocolate peppermint cookie with red and white swirls inside of it. There are other delicious choices to pick from their pastry lineup, like the pan au chocolate which looks delectable. They also have a full menu offering of coffee, lattes, and more. You can also order from their website at Levainbakery.com



Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald created Levain Bakery in 1995, the shop originated on West 74th Street New York and became a neighborhood favorite. The new Chicago store is located at 840 W. Randolph Street on the Randolph Restaurant Row. These cookies are worth the hype and will make a great gift.