25th Moonstone Season Gala

By Laurie Toth


(L to R) Winifred Haun and Patti Eylar

Winifred Haun and Dancers Company celebrated their 25th anniversary in grand fashion on Friday, October 13th.   The party was held at the 21c Museum Hotel in River North. The evening began at six o’clock with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and mingling with fellow dancers and dance lovers. A buffet dinner followed at 7pm. At 8pm the dance performance’s consisting of three dances all of which were choreographed by Winifred Haun.  

(L to R)  Dolores Haun and Abbie Terry

(L to R) Kevin McGirr, Laura Wade, Paula Peters

“Bento” was performed by the 3rd Coast Contemporary Dancers, Associate Dancer and Apprentice Dancers. 

“Everything you Just Said” was a duet performed by two of the Company members.  A contemporary piece with acrobatic elements. Set against the Museum Hotel wall of a tree made the pieces seem like the tree was part of the performance.  

“When Day Comes” was danced by the Company members.

After dinner the company dancers taught dance steps on the dance floor that all could follow.   The evening ended with a beautiful goody bag gift of a robin egg blue coffee mug with the Winifred Haun logo on it and chocolate in a cute reusable plastic bag!

Group dancing

Co-chairs of this event were Patti Eylar and Victoria Bruner who chaired the committee consisting of Della Leavitt, Tabitha Russell. Heather Snyder, Karen Terio and Kevin Ware.

(L to R) Tabatha Russell, Robyn Davis, Winifred Haun

(L to R) Jerry Gregorie, Teresa Alfaro, Delia Rico and Victoria Bruner

(L to R) Ethan Kirschbaum and Noah Powell

(L to R) Dominique Atwood-Hamilton and Solomon Timothy Bowser

The Winifred Haun and Dancers Company is in Oak Park Illinois and performs several times a year in various venues around Chicago.  They also teach modern and contemporary dance classes.   If you should ever need a Flash Mob, they have done these as well!  For more information, please visit their website!  


Photo credits: Michelle Reid